March 6, 2014

Girls Weekend & Luke Bryan...

On Friday afternoon I headed off to Bismarck, ND for a girls weekend with my Mama Bear, SIL Kelsey, 'Auntie' Jen, cousin in law (and friend) Gypsy, and Auntie Linda. Let me tell you something about my family: we are all bat shit crazy (in a good way -I promise) and I wouldn't have it any other way. I won't reveal their ages (but will say that my Aunt qualifies for Senior discounts at restaurants...) but  my Mama Bear and Aunt were the oldest of all of use but also the hardest partiers -they left us all aching with laughter the entire weekend

Here's my Aunt pushing my Mama Bear down the hallway and into the elevator with our empty luggage cart right when we got to our hotel.  And the picture on the right is my Aunt busting out some moves she was going to try on Luke Bryan. They are craaaazy

Saturday was the night for Luke Bryan. It was also -50 both at home and in Bismarck but there was no way we were missing out on Luke! We got to the civic centre early to make sure we would be able to park the vehicle close - walking long distances in that weather was sooo not happening. After waiting for what seemed like forever we finally were able to get seated and get some more drinks in us

Cole Swindell and Lee Brice were the opening acts and they were awesome. My cousin even said that she would have been happy if we had only seen them. 

Luke was even better than I imagined. His voice was perfect - sounded just like his records do. He played ALL of my favourites - Rain Is A Good Thing, Drink A Beer, Country Man, and Play It Again. I'm still depressed that its all over 

If I didn't have a conference for work this weekend I would have been booking the first flight to Memphis. (for those tickets my cousin accidentally bought...). The morning after the concert I was researching the rest of his tour stops. I have an aunt that lives in New Braunfels, just outside of San Antonio, and we have been talking for awhile about wanting to go visit. When I saw that Luke will be in San Antonio on September 18th I knew it was fate!

I'll post pictures from the concert when I'm not doing a million things trying to get ready for another weekend away - this time for work!

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