March 17, 2014

Happy St.Paddy's Day...

It's now St. Paddy's Day and I just took down the last of my Christmas decorations a week ago. Where has the time gone? I mean, I'm okay with it being that much closer to Summer, but I feel like I've lost three months of my life considering (I swear) it was just Christmas

I planned on having a low key weekend since I haven't had a 'free' weekend in awhile with a weekend trip to see Luke Bryan, and a weekend work conference the first two weekends of March

The Veronica Mars Movie was released on Friday, after 7 looong years of waiting since the television series ended. My sister and I were huge fans of the show - we fancied ourselves amateur detectives when we were young, so Veronica was basically living out what we thought our future would be

 When we first heard about the movie finally coming to life my sister and I vowed that we would see it on opening day. Then the closer and closer it got to the release date we realized that no theatres near us would be playing it. Lucky for us it was released on iTunes the same day it was released in theatres. My sister bought it on iTunes and I rented it. It took forever to download on our phones so we had to watch it in little spurts until it finally finished downloading. I watched it 3 times this weekend and that wasn't enough - I wish I would've had enough iTunes credits to buy it too. The movie was everything I wanted it to be and more. I don't want to give any spoilers away but it ended exactly how I wanted it to. And it was so true to the original tv show with so many of the supporting characters returning for tiny cameos. LOVED IT! (Someone out there please tell me you're a V Mars fan too - sooo many people say they have never even watched the show!!)

On Saturday I headed to Brandon, MB with Kenton and Kels for Kenton's tattoo appointment. Our first stop when we made it to the city was for lunch at Qdoba. Neither of them had ever had Qdoba or Chipotle before but loved the Mexican feast I made on Christmas Eve so I convinced them they needed to try it since I have been craving some good Mexican food for months.  After lunch we went to my two favourite places - Starbucks and Target, which made up for not having as low key of a weekend as I had planned. While we were in Brandon I booked a tattoo for my MOTHER. At 51 she is going to get her first tattoo. And this is the woman who hated it when I started getting tattoos. I can't wait until April 12th!

We ate supper at The Keg before heading home and I have been desperately searching Pinterest for a copycat recipe for their Raspberry Lemonade. It was so yummy and would be perfect for a hot Summer day on the deck. If you know of a good one let me know!

Sunday was the epitome of a lazy day. I didn't brush my hair until almost supper time or change out of my pajamas until late afternoon. My morning was spent drinking coffee out of my favourite mug (from Target, of course) and watching Serendipity, one of my favourite movies. I decided to have a NYC movie day after realizing that I was watching a movie set in NYC while drinking coffee out of my New York mug.  I searched through Netflix to find any movies that were set there, and ended up watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, New York, I Love You and finally, New Years Eve . I've just been missing NYC so much lately. It didn't help that an old friend of mine (Hi Jazz!) was just visiting NYC and kept Instagramming pictures that made me insane with jealously. I need to get back there asap!


  1. I am also a HUGE Veronica Mars fan and was delighted to hear about the movie coming out. They only showed it at one theatre in Halifax and only for a week, once a we went on Opening night. It was great! Definitely the ending I was hoping for too - although I wasn't 100% sold on her career choice in the end. It was amazing to see all the characters back in action again ;)

  2. I was thinking of you while I was there, you were right it was amazing!

  3. I LOVE your mug! I just got back from 2 days in NYC a week ago but can I go back now please?!


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