April 3, 2014

Because I'm Happy...

(And now I have Happy stuck in my head. Awesome)

I LOVE the idea of this link up. It's not very often that I focus solely on the positive in life, so this is a refreshing change. So here it is, 32 things that make me happy

1. Mimosas. Anytime, anyplace
2. Direct flights
3.  Orange and blue Sour Patch Kids
4. Laying poolside at The Flamingo with a cold drink in a bright pink cup
5. Patio drinking
6. The first drink outside after a looong winter
7. The first sighting of grass after a loooong winter
8. Girls nights
9. Having my Mama Bear french braid my hair
10. My 'puppies'
11. Maxi dresses and chambray shirts
12. Dressing up in costume. (not only on Halloween...)

13. The Saskatchewan Roughriders
14. Yoga pants
13. Netflix marathons
14. Good hair days
15. The first 9 seasons of HIMYM (Don't get me started on Season 10...)
16. Luke Bryan 
17.  Splurge night
18. When I pay with cash and get a $5 bill back with my change
19.  Reminiscing with family
20. Good mail days
21. December 1 to December 25
22. Monthly supper dates with Mallory and Nikki
23. Baby snuggles
24. Weddings

25. Australian accents 
26. Hallmark movies at Christmas
27. Giving the perfect gift
28. Tobogganing in the valley 
29. The first cup of coffee in the morning
30. Spending all day in bed , in my pajamas, reading book after book after book
31. Pontooning
32. The moment you realize your hangover has finally eased, after another crazy family wedding
Number 32 makes me happiest of all. It's a good thing a lot of my cousins are already married off because I am getting way to old for the craziness of a family wedding. Another plus is that  if we made it through last night then there is hope that my family will make it back to Saskatchewan intact. Add that as number 33...

(Linking up with Erin and Sarah)

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