April 17, 2014

I Never Thought I'd... (A Linkup)

Yesterday I was in the middle of writing a post to link up with Kathy with some Humpday Confessions. While writing that post I was also browsing through Facebook (multitasking is my specialty), when this happened. The humpday post was saved as a draft and I quickly wrote a whole new post in the 30 minutes left of my lunch break. I completely strayed from my 'normal' blogging style when writing that post, but just needed to get my thoughts out regarding that subject. My blog, my rules. But after that post, today something lighter and more fun is definitely required

I had read Juliette's post yesterday about turning her 'I Never Thought I'd' post into a link up, before my 'World's Toughest Job' post was even necessary, and decided I wanted to play along. So here we go:

I never thought I'd... end up back living in O-town after graduating College. Oh, the decisions made by 21 year olds...

I never thought I'd... be back living with my parents at 26. The housing market in my area is insane and even though I've been saving for almost a year now, I'm nowhere near being able to buy my own home. I'll also let you in on a little secret: I don't want to live in this town for forever, and buying a home seems so permanent. The thought of it gives me hives

I never thought I'd... grow so far apart from some of my 'best' friends

I never thought I'd... be unable to sleep in on weekends. I could sleep in until 2 pm on weekends while in College. Now, 8 am is 'sleeping in' on weekends

I never thought I'd... actually visit NYC. Now I dream every day of getting back there

I never thought I'd... make it through this brutal Winter (it's not over yet...)

I never thought I'd... become friends with a stranger I met on the internet and then meet them in person. Then I went on my first blate with Kate (who needs to get back to blogging!) when I visited the Twin Cities

I never thought I'd... try and be a runner. I always thought I'd only run if something was chasing me. Two 5K's later and I'm still 'trying' to be a runner

I never thought I'd... want to subject myself to something this horrible, but starting Monday I'm going to give the Whole30 a whirl. I may die from wine withdrawal

I never thought I'd... put my life out on the interwebs for all the judgmental people in my small hometown to see. I still cringe every time I realize someone IRL knows about this little space of mine

HIMYM gifs just speak to my life

The Other Juliette



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  2. Oh how we don't expect to live back in that place we so desperately wanted to escape... But we do! I still laugh about how madly I wanted to be away from my small, conservative hometown in high school and now when I think of raising kids I can't imagine anywhere else to do it!

    And yes, running seems to always be a trying time. Sometimes easier trys than others, but always trying!

  3. Wtf is with that first comment haha
    You can move to ottawa!!

  4. Love this post!!
    I swore we would never end up living in this tiny, stupid town and not even a month after saying that... UGH! We've lived here for over 2 years and I still don't love it! We won't buy a house because like you say, it seems so permanent and I DON'T want to think about living here forever :)
    We are going to NYC for a day this summer and I CAN'T WAIT! I've never been and so you can imagine how giddy I am over this :)
    Yay for your 5k's! Running sucks to get into but once you're addicted? It really is the best!

    1. Thank you Courtney! I'm going on 4 years back in this town and that is 4 years to long in my opinion! haha. You are going to LOVE NYC so much and fall in love and never want to leave! Can't wait to read your recap of it afterwards! :) I haven't gotten to the addiction part of running yet but hopefully someday!

      (For some reason this didn't show up in my email inbox - something wonky must have went on with Blogger)

  5. First comment - LOL... You are adorbs girl. Loved this post.

    1. This didn't show up in my email inbox either (thanks a lot blogger...). I didn't even realize that comment was there until Kristy pointed it out - must say, its the most interesting one I have EVER received! haha. And YOU are adorable Mel!


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