April 18, 2014

Last 10 Photo Dump...

I decided to jump back into blogging full force after taking a month long hiatus (and lookie here at my 4th post this week!) but the ideas haven't exactly been flowing through my mind yet and the words haven't came as easily as I would like

So I took a look at Kay's '36 of the best blog post ideas' and ran with one. Here is the last 10 photos from my iPhone (going for newest to oldest). I'm going to apologize in advance because my life has been super boring lately due to the LONGEST WINTER EVER so the pictures really aren't that exciting. Sorry. I promise I won't mention another thing about this horrible Winter. I'm lying

1//  What I woke up to on Wednesday morning. Spring in Saskatchewan. Sigh. It does look kind of pretty but since I haven't seen the sun in 6 long months I'm over pretty

2// I made my Mama Bear's 'famous' rice salad on Tuesday. My Dad's side of the family requests that she make this for all of our get togethers. I'd been craving it for weeks and finally got around to making it on my EDO

3// Graycie got her hair did by Grandma in an 'Elsa braid' and had to model for me. Don't you just want to squeeze her?!

4// Poor Rae needs to live in a bubble. While visiting her Dad on the weekend his cat got spooked by a dog and scratched up Rae's face and arms. After a trip to the ER she made her way back to O-town. I sent this picture to my brother to show him that her injuries weren't quite as bad as we were imagining them to be

5// Picked up these NEW K-Cups while in Target last weekend to give them a whirl. Not quite as caramel-y as I would like but still pretty good. And of course it was drank out of my favourite mug

6// Laughing at myself over looking like I had been in an accident (so of course had to document with a selfie), when in reality I just had two of my tattoos touched up 

7// Mama Bears brand new and FIRST EVER tattoo. Pretty sweet to watch your Mom get her first ever tattoo. (Unfortunately something my possible future children will never get to experience). It's a memorial tattoo for my Grandparents and she was a complete trooper while getting it!

8// Our amazing tattoo artist, DJ, working on Mama. He has done my last 3 tattoos, at least 4 of my brothers, one of my sister in laws, and now my Mama's. 

9// Went for drinks with the siblings last Friday in GE, the village both my siblings live in. Stopped at Toni's house after to see Sally (one of the kittens) and had a look at these two favourite childhood books that found there way back to us. These were our copies when we were young, were given away (boooo) to our cousin's children when we were older, and then when our cousin's children's were older they were given back to Toni for Rae. I'm so happy they weren't just thrown in the trash, just looking at these books brings back so many amazing childhood memories

10// Last Thursday I invited Kenton and Kels over for supper (Toni and the girls were there too of course) while the parentals were away (they don't appreciate good Mexican grill) and made copycat Chipotle burrito bowls. HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH

So there you have it, my last 10 photos. Nothing to exciting, but that's small town life for you! I love the idea of this post, and will probably do it again in a couple of months to see the difference in life then compared to life now. Thanks for the great idea Kay!


  1. Soo... if you wanted to post your mom's recipe for that corn salad, I probably wouldn't be mad.. I'm just saying.. :)

  2. fabulous. also, yes to the recipe. haha. my last 10 photos are not as exciting as yours.


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