April 15, 2014

My Life in Numbers...

I've been in a bit of 'rut' lately, and not just when it comes to blogging. The fact that it is supposed to be Spring and it still continues to snow and be in the negatives is not helping me get out of said 'rut'. I'm super sad due to the fact that by this time each year I usually have a Vegas trip booked for mid to end of April. This time last year I was sitting in the Minot airport, waiting to board a flight to Vegas (which is also where I was when I heard about the Boston Marathon bombings). This year I am sitting in my bed (it's my Earned Day Off from work), watching Once Upon A Time reruns, and checking out Allegiant vacation packages, while also trying to get a blog post published. I tell ya, some Vitamin D would really do my mind, body and soul some good!

This life 'rut' I'm in also means I'm super behind on reading and commenting on blogs. While trying to play a little bit of catch up this morning I stumbled upon Erin's "My Life in Numbers' post and decided to take a page from her book and ease my way back into blogging 

4 - Number of titles held at my previous job

126.2 - Number of Kilometre's driven every day to and from work for 3.5 years while at my previous job

11.5 - Number of months at my current job 

7 - Number of homes I've lived in since birth

1, 285 - Population of the town I was born and raised in 

61,180 - Population of city where I attended College

2 - Number of years spent attending College

3 - Number of vehicles I've owned since age 15

2  - Number of vehicles I have bought on my own

61,028 - Number of Kilometre's on Eleanor, my 2012 Chevrolet Equinox

7 - Number of times I've been to Las Vegas

4 - Number of times I've stayed at The Flamingo in Las Vegas

3 - Number of days I spent in New York City

1, 450, 356 - Number of tears I've cried since I left New York City

10, 088 - Number of Kilometre's driven to New Braunfels, TX and back home again, twice

4 - Number of European countries I've visited

5 - Number of animals currently living in this home

2 - Number of (organized) 5K's I've ran

3 - Number of months until my next 5K

347- Number of pictures on my 3 week old iPhone

26  -Number of birthdays I've celebrated

6 - Number of Mini Eggs eaten for 'breakfast' this morning

2 - Number of books I'm currently reading

100- Average number of books I read in a year

10 - Number of tattoos on my body

173- Number of posts on this blog since 2012

27- Number of draft posts waiting to be finished 

10- Number of IRL friends/family who know about and read my blog (That I know of...)

178- Number of Instagram 'followers' (I hate that word)

215 - Number of Twitter 'followers

41 - Amount of $5 bills saved since the beginning of the year

Whewww, for a girl who hates numbers and all things Math related (having the last name Mathison must be some kind of cruel joke...) that was a looot of numbers for a Tuesday morning!


  1. I hear you about the weather thing...at this point, it's beyond depressing! What in the world is going on this year?

  2. I am not jealous about your weather situation at all. That's one of the main reasons that I can't leave ridiculously expensive Vancouver.

    I love the Flamingo! I have also wanted to stay there. It has the best pool and is reasonably priced. I've stayed in trashier hotels in Vegas and fancier ones, but I have a feeling that the Flamingo is the perfect medium. Plus, you can't beat the pool!

  3. I hear you about the snow - we've had enough already!!



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