April 22, 2014

Procrastinators Unite...

Today's post is inspired by Dara at The Southern Thing. While in the middle of writing up a post of my own,  I got sidetracked reading her post, Procrastination: the action of postponing something. I immediately lost all motivation to finish my first post, and started working on a whole new post about procrastination. Ironic, right?

1// Folding & putting away laundry. Sometimes I have to rewash my clothes just because of how wrinkly they get after 6 days of sitting unfolded in a laundry basket. Side note: I have NO idea how to iron

2// Responding to emails/text messages/blog comments/etc. If I see a comment/email/text but am not able to respond right away, chances are you are not going to get a response for, oh, at least 3 days

3// Painting my nails. It's such a tedious task, and weekly manicures are (unfortunately) not in my budget. When my nail polish chips I will just repaint over the chipped areas again and again, until my nails finally get to the point that they look like I let a 2 year old paint them. Then, and only then, will I finally redo them

4// Picking up the mail. I live in such a small town that mail is not delivered door to door. Instead, we have to go pick it up at the post office. That usually ends up only happening about twice a week. Three times if I'm feeling super ambitious

5// Sending out gifts. My friend Mallory had her second baby last April, and she finally got her baby gift in October (I think). One of my old coworkers had her baby last July and her baby gift is still sitting on my dresser at home... If I participate in a swap of some kind you can count on me being at the post office on the mailing cut off day, paying double to try and get that package to my swap partner sooner so they won't know what a procrastinator I am

6// Pinterest projects. I love to be crafty and have Pinterest boards full of projects I want to do and even have most of the materials just waiting to be used, but usually don't end up with many finished products 

7// Publishing blog posts. As mentioned, I was in the middle of writing a post about doing the Whole30 when I decided to put that post as a draft and start a whole new post. That was over 5 hours ago, and I am JUST now finally pushing publish at 5:00 pm


  1. I'm bad with responses too; if I can't reply to an email or text as soon as I get it, I tend to let it sit for a couple of days... for really no legitimate reason! I'm pretty bad with getting gifts to people on time too, oops!

  2. I'm terrible with my laundry. I have two baskets of clean clothes sitting in my laundry room as I type this. They have been sitting there at least 3 days now!

  3. Supper date soon! Or maybe a Minot trip:) need some much need girl time

  4. I am also horrible and folding and putting away laundry!!! It's just so tedious and I hate it, even though it usually doesn't take very long. I pretty much agree with everything on this list. Procrastinators unite... tomorrow! <-- I saw that on Pinterest and it's SO accurate.


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