April 2, 2014

Wednesday Wedding...

I'm currently writing this post from bed in my hotel room in Edmonton. After 11 hours of driving we made it to the city just before 6:30 last night. As mentioned last week, the reason for this mini vacay is because my cousin CC is getting married today. Yes, today. On a Wednesday. At first, the notion of a wedding on a Wednesday seemed very strange to me. Weddings, in my mind, occur on Saturdays. However, this date holds special meaning for my cousin and her soon-to-be husband. This is their dating anniversary - they've been together since they were just kids - and it's also our late Grandpa Ken's birthday

Having to take 4 vacation days from work for a wedding was a little annoying at first - I try and hold on to holiday days for actual  holidays (a Vegas trip is in the works) but now I'm loving the idea of still having a weekend at home to relax before I head back to work on Monday

The weddings at 4:00 this afternoon and I still have absolutely no idea what I am going to wear. I packed very last minute - I had a million things to do at work to get ready for my absence - and at this moment I still have no idea if I even packed anything wedding appropriate

Yes, even with that huge pile of clothes (for a 4 day vacation) I still may have nothing to wear. Being a girl is super hard sometimes. A shopping trip  may be in my immediate future...

I can see Starbucks out of my hotel room window and it is absolutely calling my name. Stay tuned for pictures of the wedding and stories of all of the shenanigans that are sure to take place

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  1. I kinda dig the idea of a mid-week wedding if it's a special date for the couple. Is it a big, traditional wedding or are they keeping it small and simple? I think that would make all the difference for me. Hope you have fun!


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