May 28, 2014

I Need A Vacation From My Vacation...

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I know what y'all* are thinking - didn't you just get back from vacation? Yes, yes I did. I'm back from vacation but I'm not really back. I left my heart in Texas (and NYC. and Vegas. and Mexico. You see how this goes...) and in the 2 1/2 days since I've been home I feel like I've been living in autopilot. And functioning because of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee

I will get a vacation recap up this week (my Mama will make sure of that - she's been hounding me about not posting for awhile). For now, I will leave you with an idea of how my vacation was spent:


*I warned you once I started saying y'all that I was never stopping!

May 19, 2014

May Long 2014...

This past weekend is referred to as 'May Long' back home in Canada. Today is a Stat holiday, for Victoria Day, making it a long weekend for everyone lucky enough to work a job that doesn't require work on the Stats.  My May Long weekends usually consist of camping and drinking. And lots of beer pong. But not this year.  This year, this post comes to you from River Road in New Braunfels, Texas

We got on the road around 2:45 pm on Friday. We stopped in Minot, ND for a quick bite to eat and to grab some snacks to fill up our cooler so we wouldn't have to make many stops. Our original plan was to stop somewhere in Kansas for the night to get a few hours of sleep, but instead we drove 27 hours straight (Side note: When I say 'we' I really mean my brother drove 24 of those hours, and Kels drove 3.  Maybe they don't trust my driving...?). We arrived at our Aunt and Uncle's at 6:30 our time on Saturday night. It felt soooo good to be out of the car. The most we stopped the entire time was at a tiny rest stop area after we got to Texas for about 15 minutes. We were dead set on getting to Texas as quick as possible

On the way down we stopped at a tiny town in Northern Texas called Canadian (I'm so moving there) to fuel up and so Kels and I could use the washroom. As soon as I saw the washroom I exchanged a look with Kels and said 'Stay classy, Texas'. This was before I knew it would get worse.  I go in, shut and lock the door, and immediately see a scorpion on the floor. I almost stepped on it, having not seen it at first. We had a staring contest (that I won) and then I very carefully stepped over the scorpion and got the hell out of there. We don't have scorpions in Canada - I wasn't expecting them in Canadian, TX either

We slept in yesterday morning  - it was well deserved. The most sleep we got on the drive was about 3 hours, and that wasn't even all at once. Then we headed into New Braunfels for lunch and  a liquor store. We had real priorities. We went to Chipotle for lunch-  I had made sure to check and see if there was one before we came. Kenton and Kels had never been to one, and I've been craving it since November

Funny story: I had a margarita (best one ever!) with lunch, and got ID'ed. I handed over my ID and when the cashier handed it back she asked 'Where was that ID from?' I answered back 'Saskatchewan' and when I saw the blank look on her face I clarified with 'It's in Canada'. Her response "Oh I thought it was a Native American one or something".  Hmmm. I didn't realize Native Americans had there own kind of special ID's. But thank you Chipotle cashier - not many people realize I have Native ancestry when I'm traveling. I mean, when I was in Mexico everyone thought I was one of them...

The rest of the day was spent getting our drink on down at our Aunt and Uncle's store. They made us Texas BBQ for supper, and despite starting a small fire, it was delicious. I think my Aunt is loving having us here - she doesn't get to see her Canadian family very often and she has been reminiscing about the good ole days back in Canada a lot

The weather is amazing - the nights are like our days back home in Canada. Our plan for today is to float the river and get our day drunk on. We are on vacation after all. Expect lots of pictures in the next few days! 

Oh, and the last time we floated the river - 12 years ago - Kenton almost drowned. Kirstin and I had to save him when he was stuck in a current. He was only 11 years old but we still razz him about it all the time, So here's hoping I don't have to play lifeguard today! 

This is my view of the store (and behind it, the river) from the window as I sit on the couch typing this post

May 15, 2014

10 Days in Texas...

Guys. I leave for 10 days in Texas tomorrow and I haven't packed a single thing yet. I haven't even made a list of everything to pack yet, and making lists is one of my favourite things!

I also haven't painted my toes, redone my nails, or scheduled any blog posts for next week. And let's not forget that I still have to get a ton of work done to prepare the Centre for a week of my absence. I'm not kidding when I say I'm the ultimate procrastinator

I still have to withdraw some more USD, call my credit card company to let them know my card will be being used from North Dakota to Texas and all the States in between, and make arrangements to have my paycheque deposited next Friday

The best part of choosing to drive instead of fly to our destination is the fact that I don't have to worry about an overweight suitcase - I'm slightly OCD and always over pack in case there is the slightest chance that I might need something. So I usually end up with enough clothes for a month away, and enough beauty products for an entire year. It's a real problem. But one I don't have to worry about this trip. Twenty minutes before we leave I will probably end up adding even more to my suitcase, 'just in case'

These are the only two pictures I could rustle up from one of my two previous trips to Texas. This was waaay before the digital camera age y'all. Also, do you like how I slipped that 'y'all in there? It's one of my favourite words, but sounds ridic coming from a girl from SE Saskatchewan.  But while in Texas I'm going to do as the Texans do. And say y'all. A lot

Be prepared for an overload of pictures when I'm back in the GWN. And for me to say y'all All.The.Time from then on

May 14, 2014

Things That Make Me Stabby...

I tried so hard to come up with something to post yesterday (obviously to no avail). I started writing post after post after post and saving them as drafts  - the content just wasn't right and the words weren't flowing very easily. Then, last night as I was messaging a friend, we got onto the topic of music, and more specifically, music I hate. Techno music. My exact words were 'that music makes me stabby'.  I was then told that was a 'colorful type of feeling'. I'm just very passionate about the kind of music I don't like. Anyways, this got me onto a rant about all the things that make me stabby, when a light bulb went off in my head, and I realized I had perfect blog post material for today

So without further adieu, here are the things that make me stabby (aka my pet peeves)

1// Slow drivers. 
If you can't drive the speed limit (or only drive exactly the speed limit) then GET OFF THE ROAD! I have terrible road rage y'all

2// When someone puts toilet paper on the wrong way.
Spiders hide there when its the other way! Eeeeek
The correct way to put toilet paper on the roll.
3// Socks with sandals. 
For the love of God, WHY?!

4// Slow walkers. 
Don't meander down the sidewalk, or through the mall, and block the way for the people who actually walk faster than a snail stuck in peanut butter. PLEASE

5// Loud talkers at the movie theatre.
 I once went to a movie with a friend from College and she brought along her friend that I had never met before. During the movie her friend stood up and started clapping and cheering the heroine on. I slid down in my seat as far as I could and tried to pretend I wasn't with her. Sooo embarrassing 

6// People who use the word that rhymes with 'lets get it started' as a way to insult someone.
 I have absolutely no patience for those kinds of people

7// Loud chewers. 
I swear I have a touch of Misophonia

8// People who judge those with tattoos. 
My body, my decision

9// Plane delays. 
Or when your plane is forced to land in a different destination than where you were headed because they need fuel. Is that not somebody's job to make sure there's enough for the entire trip?!

10// Clumpy eyelashes. 
It looks like spiders on your eyes people. Uckkkk

11// People who air their dirty laundry on Facebook
  That's what blogs are for


12// When someone calls me, or anyone else in my profession, a babysitter.
You are sure to get stabbed for that one. I didn't go to College to be someone's babysitter. There's a reason it's called early childhood EDUCATION. (Side note: today is ECE Appreciation Day in Saskatchewan - shout out to all my fellow ECE's!)

I should note that I've also been informed that I'm no longer allowed near knives...


What are your biggest pet peeves?

May 12, 2014

Taste of Spring 2014....

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. Spring has finally arrived in SK and I've come out of hibernation and life is good

Saturday morning I headed up to the 'Queen City' with Kenton and Kels, where we met up with my friend Scooby for Taste of Spring. Taste of Spring is an event held at Evraz Place, where different restaurants and liquor vendors in the city have taste testings set up of different products. The alcohol outweighs the food by about 90%. We got to try different slushy drinks, new wines, flavoured vodka, and some good food. It was fabulous and I will definitely be going back next year

Afterwards, we jumped on a party bus with complete strangers. The two girls to the left in the first picture above are friends of Scooby's and they knew one person on the bus (the person who had actually rented the bus so we felt a little better about crashing). I've been on lots of party buses before but never one that big - the thing was the size of a school bus and came with it's own bartender. We cruised around the Queen City for over an hour, stopping at the legislative building to take a group picture on the steps (for some reason its what every party bus in the city always does)

Me and Scooby on the steps of the legislative building - you can see 'our' bus in the background

We thought that we would be ending up at a bar when the party bus time was up, so imagine our surprise when the bus stops at a house party and lets us all off. We knew we weren't in the best part of town, but didn't realize how deep in the sketchy part of the city we were until our cab driver came to pick us up to take us back to the hotel. Let's just say we were lucky to make it out of there alive, and with our purses and wallets intact. But since we did make it out fine it makes for a really great story of our weekend adventure

Sunday morning Scooby and I booked our trip to Vegas - it's finally official! We leave the night of my birthday, a Thursday, and fly back home the afternoon of the Monday. It will be a nice little getaway with my travel buddy - I can't wait!  After booking our trip we checked out of the hotel, went to Target and Starbucks (my two favourite places!), and then for lunch at Chili's, before going to watch a movie, 'Neighbors'. It was hilarious  - I LOVE Seth Rogen and the movie only made me love him more. After the movie was over we said goodbye to Scooby and headed back to O-town

It was the perfect mini weekend getaway to kick start Spring/Summer after the longest Winter ever. I'm hoping for many more weekend adventures in the city this Summer! But first, Texas (in 5 days!)


May 8, 2014

Engagement Gift...

As you all know already, my brother got engaged last week. Our family is very close with his fiancee (they have been dating for 7 years after all). She is already part of the family, it's just going to finally be official

As soon as the engagement was official, the wedding plans were already in the works. No super long engagement for them - they will be 24 (& 1/2) and have been together for 8 1/2 years by the time they get married next August

On Friday I headed to Minot, ND with my Mama to do some quick shopping, and I grabbed a few things to throw a diy engagement gift together. I love giving gifts - it makes my heart happy. It also makes for good blog material...

Engagement Gift contents:

1// Wedding magazines (I spy my BFF J-Law)

2// Bottle of champagne (for mimosas. le duh)

3// Post it flags for the bride to be to mark her favourite ideas

4// (Funny) engagement card. The inside says something along the lines of 'just think of all the gifts you are going to receive'. I've been telling them for years that they need to get married for the gifts #sorryimnotsorry

So there you have it, just something simple and inexpensive to throw together to celebrate their engagement. I'm also in the process of planning an engagement party with our family and friends for the middle of June. Any excuse to throw a party!

May 7, 2014

4 Weeks Fit Challenge...

If you follow me on IG you would have seen that I am currently doing the Whole30. Today is Day 17 and I honestly never thought I would make it this far. I went into the Whole'30' knowing I was actually only going to be doing the Whole'20'. Months ago I got a ticket to Taste of Spring in the Queen City'. Basically it's an event held in a huge venue and you walk from booth to booth and taste different foods and wine. I paid $50 for the ticket so I'm not going to go and just walk around and not try anything - that would be such a waste of $. And when you come from a small town where there's nothing to do (like, ever) when you actually have plans you don't want to back out on them

On the weekend I was completely fed up with the Whole30 - the lack of flavour in the foods I was eating and the feeling like I was eating the same things over and over and over was really getting to me. And I just miss coffee so damn much. So I 'cheated' and stepped on the scale. When your doing the Whole30 you weigh yourself the day before Day 1 and then the day after Day 30 - no stepping on the scale in between. The Whole30 isn't actually about weight loss, it's about cleansing your body and adjusting your mind, and weight loss is just considered a 'side effect'. When I stepped on the scale I was thinking that there was going to be no change in weight, and if so, I was quitting and having the largest cup of coffee known to man. Then I stepped on it and saw that I had lost 8.5 lbs in 14 days. And all my plans for coffee and flavourful food went out the window

Saturday is Taste of Spring, where I will be indulging in some good foods and wine. Then on Sunday I'm back on the Whole30, starting back at 'Day 1'. I will only be doing Days 1-8, and then I leave for Texas - let's be honest, I know that I am going to be indulging while in Texas. Calories don't count on vacation anyways...

When I saw that Erin and Kristin were hosting the '4 Weeks Fit Challenge' link up I was excited - I finally feel like I'm back in a good place fitness wise like I was this time last year (I realllly slacked off after my surgery in the Summer) and I find that I get more motivation when others are working towards similar goals

My 4 Weeks Fit Challenge Goals

1// Get up at 5:00 am three days/week to do Ripped in 30

2// Do 40 minutes on the elliptical each night

3// Try to get in as many hour long walks on my lunch break as possible. I'm shooting for at least 3 days/week. Hopefully more, but this SK weather is so fickle that who knows, it could rain for three weeks straight (please don't!)

4// Take daily walks while in Texas and track what I'm eating on my Weight Watchers app

5// When I get back from Texas (May 25) start back on WW. I've had good success with it in the past, I just need to make sure that I am tracking everything and make the time to plan out snacks and meals

6// START RUNNING AGAIN. Only 67 days until the Colour Run Twin Cities!

Love, Fun & Football

May 5, 2014

My Baby Brother's Getting Married!...

Remember this post where I vaguely mentioned some exciting news? Well it's finally official and I can sing it from the roof tops - my baby brother is getting married!

A few months ago I accidentally learned that my brother had been saving up money to buy a ring for his girlfriend, Kelsey. They've been together for SEVEN years (albeit they are only 23) so it was very exciting. The only downside was that I am horrible at keeping secrets. Horrible. But I am proud to say that I didn't spill the beans to Kelsey, and even after checking out rings while in Edmonton for CC's wedding she was completely blindsided with the proposal

They went away to Saskatoon for a work conference for Kelsey on Tuesday and on Wednesday night he proposed. I just wish they would have had someone hiding in the bushes to record the proposal so we could see it.  They kept it a secret for over 24 hours until they were back in O-town and could tell family in person

When they told Kels' Dad and Step-Mom, her dad pushed Kels out of the way to go hug Kenton - he's also been one of the one's not so patiently waiting for it to happen

On Friday I was off work and Mama and I headed to Minot for a quick shopping trip - and I wasted no time getting Kelsey started on her wedding planning (more on that later this week). Saturday night the newly engaged couple came to the house so we could take a couple of pictures to announce their engagement on IG and FB

I can't wait for the wedding and am so excited that the girl I've been calling a sister for 7 years will finally officially be my sister (in law)! Both Kenton and Kels have LARGE extended families so this is going to be a big wedding and My liver is already worried

Oh, and I'm most likely going to have to rap a wedding speech again. Awesome....