May 8, 2014

Engagement Gift...

As you all know already, my brother got engaged last week. Our family is very close with his fiancee (they have been dating for 7 years after all). She is already part of the family, it's just going to finally be official

As soon as the engagement was official, the wedding plans were already in the works. No super long engagement for them - they will be 24 (& 1/2) and have been together for 8 1/2 years by the time they get married next August

On Friday I headed to Minot, ND with my Mama to do some quick shopping, and I grabbed a few things to throw a diy engagement gift together. I love giving gifts - it makes my heart happy. It also makes for good blog material...

Engagement Gift contents:

1// Wedding magazines (I spy my BFF J-Law)

2// Bottle of champagne (for mimosas. le duh)

3// Post it flags for the bride to be to mark her favourite ideas

4// (Funny) engagement card. The inside says something along the lines of 'just think of all the gifts you are going to receive'. I've been telling them for years that they need to get married for the gifts #sorryimnotsorry

So there you have it, just something simple and inexpensive to throw together to celebrate their engagement. I'm also in the process of planning an engagement party with our family and friends for the middle of June. Any excuse to throw a party!


  1. Cute idea! I'm sure she'll love the thought behind this sweet little gift :)

  2. Totally cute! :) I love gift-giving too, every moment in life should be celebrated!!! :)


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