May 28, 2014

I Need A Vacation From My Vacation...

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I know what y'all* are thinking - didn't you just get back from vacation? Yes, yes I did. I'm back from vacation but I'm not really back. I left my heart in Texas (and NYC. and Vegas. and Mexico. You see how this goes...) and in the 2 1/2 days since I've been home I feel like I've been living in autopilot. And functioning because of coffee. Lots and lots of coffee

I will get a vacation recap up this week (my Mama will make sure of that - she's been hounding me about not posting for awhile). For now, I will leave you with an idea of how my vacation was spent:


*I warned you once I started saying y'all that I was never stopping!


  1. I was only in Philly for a few days/roadtrip and I'm having trouble functioning like normal today. Travels and vacations do that to you. As soon as I get back from a place, I want to plan another trip somewhere!! It's never ending! ;)

  2. I said I needed a vacation from my 3 day weekend so I totally understand

  3. vacations need to be filled with lots and lots of wine. That is always necessary!


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