May 12, 2014

Taste of Spring 2014....

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. Spring has finally arrived in SK and I've come out of hibernation and life is good

Saturday morning I headed up to the 'Queen City' with Kenton and Kels, where we met up with my friend Scooby for Taste of Spring. Taste of Spring is an event held at Evraz Place, where different restaurants and liquor vendors in the city have taste testings set up of different products. The alcohol outweighs the food by about 90%. We got to try different slushy drinks, new wines, flavoured vodka, and some good food. It was fabulous and I will definitely be going back next year

Afterwards, we jumped on a party bus with complete strangers. The two girls to the left in the first picture above are friends of Scooby's and they knew one person on the bus (the person who had actually rented the bus so we felt a little better about crashing). I've been on lots of party buses before but never one that big - the thing was the size of a school bus and came with it's own bartender. We cruised around the Queen City for over an hour, stopping at the legislative building to take a group picture on the steps (for some reason its what every party bus in the city always does)

Me and Scooby on the steps of the legislative building - you can see 'our' bus in the background

We thought that we would be ending up at a bar when the party bus time was up, so imagine our surprise when the bus stops at a house party and lets us all off. We knew we weren't in the best part of town, but didn't realize how deep in the sketchy part of the city we were until our cab driver came to pick us up to take us back to the hotel. Let's just say we were lucky to make it out of there alive, and with our purses and wallets intact. But since we did make it out fine it makes for a really great story of our weekend adventure

Sunday morning Scooby and I booked our trip to Vegas - it's finally official! We leave the night of my birthday, a Thursday, and fly back home the afternoon of the Monday. It will be a nice little getaway with my travel buddy - I can't wait!  After booking our trip we checked out of the hotel, went to Target and Starbucks (my two favourite places!), and then for lunch at Chili's, before going to watch a movie, 'Neighbors'. It was hilarious  - I LOVE Seth Rogen and the movie only made me love him more. After the movie was over we said goodbye to Scooby and headed back to O-town

It was the perfect mini weekend getaway to kick start Spring/Summer after the longest Winter ever. I'm hoping for many more weekend adventures in the city this Summer! But first, Texas (in 5 days!)


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  1. I LOVE tasting events- they are always so much fun! :) And I'm glad you made it out of the sketchy area alive and had a fun time!! :)


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