June 10, 2014

On Tuesdays We Make Lists...

I know I said I was aiming for (last) Friday to do my #TenDaysInTexas recap but alas I've already put three hours into the post and it still isn't close to being finished. I'm optimistic that I can put some more time in tonight (after two meetings for work and a new episode of PLL(!)...) and have it ready for tomorrow. It is one of the longest posts I've ever done, but I want to include every detail so one day I can look back and be able to relive every moment of my trip. Y'all feel free to just skim through and look at the pictures of us drinking our way through Texas

Aaaand because I've been spending so much time on one post, today you get a list of  randomness. You're welcome

1// I spent Friday night baking up a storm - monster cookies, reese's oatmeal cookies, and rickety charlie's - for a bake sale the Centre was holding at an event in town on Saturday. I kept telling myself it was a good thing I don't like cookies, and then I worked at the bake sale on Saturday and there was puffed wheat cake (my favourite) and I had absolutely no will power against it :( . Also, speaking of the Centre, today marks ONE YEAR since we officially opened the doors - my baby is already a year old! Craaazy

2// I've already started on my Summer Bucket List! After baking up a storm on Friday night I headed to GE to Kenton and Kels'. Toni and Kenton watched a scary movie while Kels and I got started on her 'Must Watch Movie List' and watched She's All That . Side note:  It wasn't until the end of the movie that she realized we weren't watching 10 Things I Hate About You... Oy vey

3// I finally got to get together last night with Mallory and Nikki, friends of mine from 'the city'.  We try and do supper or some kind of get together once a month but the last time we were together was February (?!) Last night was very much needed. They've also volunteered themselves to help me out with some of the things on my Summer Bucket List. Drinks on a patio will be happening soon!

4// Saturday night was splurge night in 'the city' with the Beaver Cove Town Council ladies. It was also possibly the last time all 7 of us will be all together at one time (insert crying face here).  Amanda (the bride in the photo below) is 8 months pregnant and moving back to Nunavut after her daughter is born. I can be pretty convincing but I don't think I'll be able to talk her out of that one :(

5// I wish I could skip work every day to play beer pong and get my tan back.  Black Betty made her first appearance of the year on Sunday and I can't wait to pull her out again and again and again

6// I signed up for Erin'#1000in30.  And so far I'm at 0 minutes.  Whomp whomp. I think I left all my motivation in Texas. A trip back would be just the thing to recover it...

7// Last night once I got home from supper with Mallory and Nikki I realized that I wasn't getting any cell service in my house. I walked around the yard until I found a spot to get service - which happened to be the very end of the driveway. I plopped myself down on the ground (with a beer in hand of course) and Rae kept me company while I snapchatted, browsed FB, scanned IG, and tweeted. If I didn't know I was addicted to my phone before, I definitely do now! Then the wind got craaazy strong and it started raining so we had to head inside. When we got inside Mama Bear gave us the best idea ever. Sit in Eleanor at the end of the drive instead of being outside in the nasty weather.  I'm a little ashamed to admit that thought had never even crossed my mind. We hung out in Eleanor at the end of the driveway and made ridiculous videos. And took a million pictures. We're weird and we know it

8// I always have my phone on silent. ALWAYS. But last night while Rae and I were making our videos I turned the volume on my phone on and forget to shut it back off before bed. At two thirty am my text message ringer starts going off. LOUDLY. Also, my ringer right now is Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids saying "Reaaaadddy to parrttyyy'. It scared the shit out of me. The reason for the text? Sasktel letting me know I was roaming outside of its network. I didn't think anything of it - I was half asleep remember. Then my alarm went off at 5 am as per usual. I noticed that it didn't seem as light as normal through the tiny crack in my blinds, but didn't think much of it. Until I went upstairs to have a shower and realized it was actually only FOUR AM. I was still roaming on a US tower and since ND is an hour ahead of us, my alarm woke me up an hour earlier than it was supposed to. AWESOME . It did leave me time to get a blog spot in this am so there's that at least! But having to get through a nine hour workday and then at least three hours of meetings after that may just be my undoing. Give me all the coffeee

9// Last but not least, I found out last night that the pre-season for the Riders starts on Saturday! It's been a loooong 6 months without football and I cannot wait!


  1. I love beer pong. Its just one of those games that I enjoy, plus it's fun to drink too. I hope I get many games of pong in this summer!

  2. I haven't seen She's All That in forever. I might have to track it down and watch it again.

    Is 'the city' in North Dakota? Hope you didn't get crazy roaming fees from that.

  3. I have never played beer pong but I hate beer... I wish I liked it because the game sounds super fun!


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