June 20, 2014

Sweet Summer Time...

Tomorrow it is officially (not to mention FINALLY) the first day of Summer! I know for some of y'all its already felt like Summer for weeks, if not months. Here in Saskatchewan, however, it probably won't even feel like Summer until about a three week stretch starting in mid July. I wish I was kidding. But regardless, I plan on making the most of what little Summer weather we get.  Before I know it the snow will be falling again and I will be back in hibernation mode

Friends of mine who read my blog have volunteered to help with my Summer Bucket List and I can't wait to really get the ball rolling. This weekend my only plans consist of repainting my nails, drinking copious amounts of wine, and (hopefully) sitting in the sun and working on my tan. The last one is questionable considering I haven't seen a glimpse of the sun in days. It's been gloomy and depressing around here, kind of like my mood ever since I finished the Harry Potter series. I started and finished (re)reading the entire Harry Potter series in one week and now I'm super sad that I'm done and I curse myself for going through them that quickly. Hopefully the wine this weekend will help improve my spirits

I'm also going to try and take some time to work on a few posts for next week so I can get fully back into the swing of things before July hits and life gets craaazy and vacations start happening. On that note, can it just be July 11th already?!

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I wore a sweater (yes, a sweater) today with these exact words. Someone take me to the beach pleaaase! 


  1. A sweater..no. Poor poor girl. Also, I didn't even realize tomorrow was summer, silly me.

  2. Wow, you finished all of the books that quickly? That's like a book a day. I thought they were pretty thick.


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