July 29, 2014

Scooby's Interview...

I made it to Day 26 and then I failed at the Blog Everyday in July challenge

I've been home from Vegas for less than 24 hours and already had it pointed out to me by my Mama and sister that I failed at blogging everyday in July (thanks guys...). Blogging from my iPhone was just waay too hard - the spacing was just ridiculous and no matter what I did it would just get worse. Also, I couldn't add any pictures (or gifs!) and where's the fun in that?!  Next time I go on vacation I am going to make it a priority to schedule some posts (I may regret that statement later...)

Since I had already interviewed Scooby in anticipation of Sunday's prompt for Blog Everyday in July -  Interview Someone, I figured I needed to actually post the answers to the questions.  Especially since Scooby just started reading my blog last night (she  doesn't even have IG, Twitter, or (gasp!) Snapchat. I don't know how she functions...)

A little background on my friendship with Scooby (real name: Jessica). Scooby and I first met in Grade Two, when her family moved to O-town. Next to my friend Jayben, whom I've been friends with since Kindergarten, she's my oldest friend. Scooby and I have flown across the world together.  Went on 18 hour road trips in 36 hours time. Traveled to NYC and now Vegas together. The nickname Scooby came to be in the living room of Mri's apartment in Harrisburg, PA two summer's ago when Scooby and I were visiting before we headed to NYC. For some unknown reason she started calling me Kayrah and I told her she sounded like Scooby Doo. The rest is history. So without further adieu, my interview with Scooby

1. What's your hidden talent?  I can flip a Pringle on my tongue
I've known her for almost 20 years (!!!!) and yet had no idea she had this 'talent'. The day after asking her these questions we had Pringles and I forgot to make her show me :(

2. What's your favorite TV show? Kayla, that's a hard one! Umm. Ummm. Probably Hell's Kitchen
On Thursday, the night we flew to Vegas, she was so worried because it was the season finale of Hell's Kitchen and she didn't want to find out the winner without watching the show. Somehow, she made it back to Canada without finding the answer. It was a Christmas miracle considering we ate at Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill on Sunday 

3. Name someone you admire. My mom
Her mom is pretty awesome. AND has a super cute British accent and makes the best Christmas baking on Earth. (Think talking her up on my blog will get me extra Christmas baking this year Scoob????)

4. Who is Canada's current Prime Minister? Stephen Harper
 (After I asked her this question she gives me a super weird look. She doesn't understand blogging - like at all - so doesn't understand that the majority of bloggers are American) 

5. Do you prefer cake or pie? Cake
Side story: On Saturday we had supper at The Cheesecake Factory in Caesar's Forum Shops. We ordered cheesecake after eating our supper (duh) and imagine my surprise and embarrassment when our waiter comes out with my cheesecake complete with a lit candle and the words 'Happy Birthday Kayla' in chocolate sauce on the plate while also singing 'Happy Birthday' and encouraging everyone seated around us to also do so. I was ready to crawl under the table. I immediately blamed Scooby and I'm pretty sure I told her I hated her about 5 times while everyone finished singing ... only to then be told that it was all our waiters idea, after seeing that I'd just had a birthday when he ID'd me when I ordered my Moscow Mule. So, sorry for cussing you out at the Cheesecake Factory Scoob! Also, I'm sorry I laughed at you that time you got diarrhea at Barnes and Noble. And I'm sorry for telling everyone about it. And I'm sorry for repeating it now

6. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? My Mom's spaghetti
Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, and she asks me to change her answer to Grilled Cheese

7. What's your favorite memory of (or with) me? That's hard! Probably our trip to New York. Maybe the time you passed out on Mri's lawn. That was pretty funny

I wasn't 'passed out', Scoob. I was tired and was having a rest while you tried to get Mri out of the car and into the house. Get it straight!

8. Quote a movie, any movie, right now. On Wednesday's we wear pink

9. Did the last question give you a little bit of anxiety? A little bit. I couldn't think of anything but Mean Girls. But now I feel like its a little cliche because everybody's going to quote Mean Girls
Maybe she does understand blogging after all...

10. Name something inappropriate you always laugh at. When kids fall. It's bad. Like when kids are hurt at school. I try my hardest not to though 
Scooby is a middle school teacher. A bad one, obviously, who laughs at kids when they get hurt...

Thanks for playing along Scooby! I was worried that you would scoff at me when I asked to interview you but you just went with it! Oh, and you're welcome for not digging up the embarrassing elementary and junior high school pictures of us. For now, anyways...

July 26, 2014

Viva Las Vegas...

Oh, hey there blog. Are you feeling a little neglected today? Sorry for that - I've been having waaaay to much fun in Vegas to worry too much about you. I did, however, need to stop in quick since I did commit to blogging every day in July and I am NOT a quitter!

Today's prompt for Blog Everyday in July was Picture An Hour and I'm so bummed I couldn't participate - blogging from an iPhone is not easy! I think I will do another picture an hour post one day soon because I love those kinds of posts

Vegas is  awesome and I'm sooo not prepared to leave on Monday afternoon. I'll probably book my next trip the second I get home. Also, I've been playing the sluts, errrr I mean slots all day long and have been drinking since 10 am. I  can't believe I even made it here to blog. I feel like I deserve 10 points for Gryffindor for that! Tomorrow I'll be posting my interview with Scooby, my travel buddy and friend since grade two - stay tuned! I'm off to make bad decisons - I am in Vegas after all

Happy Saturday!

July 25, 2014

I'm Addicted To My iPhone...

Hi, my name is Kayla and I'm addicted to my iPhone. Hi Kayla There could be a True Life episode based around my addiction. I mentioned in a post a few days ago that I check at least 3 times before leaving for work in the AM to make sure I have my phone - I would be completely lost without it. My Mama doesn't understand my addiction and gets so frustrated with the amount of time I spend on my phone

So what am I always doing on my phone you ask? Checking all of my favourite apps of course. The following is just a glimpse at some of the apps on my phone - my favourite ones -  but there are still so many more. It really is an addiction 


I'll let you in on a little secret. I HATE Facebook. I don't update my status ever, I very rarely post pictures, and I don't like or comment on very many things. However, I am super nosy and want to stay in the know of what's going on in peoples lives so I check it constantly. It's also the only way some of my college friends and I stay in touch


I'm constantly refreshing Insta - I need to see what delicious meal your eating, what your drinking at happy hour, and how amazeballs your hairs looks in your new selfie


I feel like this one just speaks for itself. You should probably just go ahead and add me -----> chiglechic. Let's be friends!


Twitter is the first app I open in the morning, when my eyes are barely even open yet. I love when bloggers promote their new posts on Twitter because then I can start reading without having to open blogger

Nike+ Running

I haven't used this app in awhile (that's a post for another day)  but when I am running this app is the best for keeping track of everything 

The Weather Network

The weather app that came on my phone is completely ridic - I much prefer The Weather Network. I probably open up the app at least five times a day to check the forecast. Especially in the winter so I can complain about how effing cold it is/is going to get 


I feel like this also needs no explanation. If I'm stuck waiting somewhere (i.ethe doctors office) the time just flies by because I'm busy browsing Pinterest, pinning recipes I'm never going to make, DIY projects I'm going to start and never finish, and drinks that I'm too lazy (or cheap) to make. And liking all of the funnies 

Heads Up

My cousin first introduced me to the app last May when her, my Mama, and I spent a weekend in Minot. The videos from us playing the game were hilarious and I downloaded the app as soon as I could. We played it while on our Twin Cities trip  and I think the videos from those games need to make an appearance on the blog one of these days... 

(I wrote half of this post on my iPhone since I didn't bring my laptop to Vegas and was too disorganized to finish all the posts I had drafted before I left, so I apologize if there are issues with spacing, etc!)

July 24, 2014

Throwing It Back To 1987...

As soon as I saw what the prompt for Blog Everyday in July was going to be for today's date I knew that it was going to work out perfectly for me. You see, today's prompt is - July 24th: Throwback Thursday. Breakout the baby pictures and start looking up how much a gallon of gas used to cost. We want to know what the world was like the year you were born - aaaaand today just so happens to be my birthday!

27 years ago I was born at the Oxbow Union Hospital, just three days after my big sister Toni's 2nd birthday. I googled 'events that happened on July 24, 1987' and along with a bunch of useless information, I was informed that if I was born right on schedule,  then I was conceived on October 31, 1986. Ewww. Just. Ewwww. Way to ruin one of my favourite holidays Mama...

The biggest news that I could find from this day in 1987 was that IBM-PC DOS Version 3.3 (updated) released. Whatever the hell that means... But, since I can't find any interesting news from back in the day, I will instead show you some awesome throwbacks of birthdays past. And some adorable baby pictures because I was ca-ute

As you can see, I was the cutest baby ever. Oh, and Toni was going through a phase where she never wore clothes to try and take the attention off of me... Also, when you and your sister have birthdays only three days apart you will never (like, ever) get a birthday party on your own. Joint birthday parties for life

As you probably already know, my birthday present to myself is a trip to Vegas, and I fly out tonight (whoop whoop!). I'm a little sad that I won't get to spend the day with my family but my Mama owes me a birthday supper when I get back (#spoiled). Already this morning I've gotten the sweetest video on Snapchat from my nieces wishing me a Happy Birthday. Everybody say it with me now 'Awwwwww'

Unfortunately I've put off packing long enough and I've found that no matter how much I think about it, my suitcase still doesn't pack itself. So with that, I'm off! Happy Thursday y'all!


July 23, 2014

Currently (Número Dos)...

Hey y'all! It is day twenty three of Blog Everyday in July and I never imagined I would actually follow through with it! Only 8  days left - we got this! Today's prompt is Currently (reading, writing, listening, thinking, smelling, wishing, hoping, wearing, wanting, loving, needing). I did one of these posts in June (you can find that here) and I think I'm going to try and do one every month from now on to be able to look back and see the differences in what is going on with my life 

At this moment I am CURRENTLY:

Reading See below. Technically I haven't started reading them yet, I'm saving them for beside the pool BECAUSE I FLY TO VEGAS TOMORROW (Insert Salsa Dancing Emoji here)

Writing this blog post and getting three more scheduled for while I'm away (who am I?!)

Listening to 'I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)' by Florida Georgia Line from the Alabama and Friends tribute album. I think I like their version even better than Alabama's which blows my mind because Florida Georgia Line makes me stabby

Thinking of how much I need to get done before I leave for Vegas on Thursday. There just aren't enough hours in the day

Smelling my Scentsy warmer scent that smells like Froot Loops. I don't know the actual name of the scent so I hope I never run out of it!

Wishing time would slow down a little bit. Summer is already almost half over and that makes me the saddest panda in all the land :(

Hoping that I win big on the (penny) slots while in Vegas so I never have to leave

Wearing my cute new Old Navy pajama shorts (similar ones here), a comfy VS Pink sweater (that says 'PINK' across the front but is actually purple, causing lots of confusion from my Papa...) and my moccasin slippers

Wanting Thursday to hurry up and get here! Except for the whole part of it being my birthday and turning TWENTY-SEVEN. Just the flying to Vegas part...

Loving on my baby girl since I'll be leaving her for another 4 days :(

Needing tomorrow (I'm writing this on Tuesday night, fyi) to fly by because I have a million things to do to get ready for Thursday. I  have a bridal shower to attend Wednesday night (tonight) and Scooby gets into town and is spending the night at the house and I should probably clean my bathroom and but some bedding on the spare bed...

July 22, 2014

The Problem With Vegas...

I have a problem. And that problem is that once I do something new and realize how much I love it, I do the same things over and over and over again and don't try new things anymore. Case in point - when I go to Vegas on Thursday it will be my ninth (?) trip to Vegas in the last 8 years. I fell in love on my first trip and now I have to go back every year. But that's not even the worst part of my problem.  That would be the fact that I have been to Vegas eight times now and pretty much do the same things every time I go. I'm a creature of habit and because I only go to Vegas once a year I make sure to do the things I know that I will love and don't try many new things

Some of my go-to favourites while in Vegas are: playing beer pong at Blondie's Sports Bar, having breakfast & mimosas and margaritas & volcano nachos at Margaritaville (at different times, obvi), shopping at Lululemon and Forever 21 at the Fashion Show Mall, staying in the Go Room at the Flamingo and spending a day lounging poolside (the Flamingo's pool is the bombdotcom), shopping at Coach at the Premium Outlets, getting a slice of pizza from New York Pizzeria in NY-NY, getting tattooed at Vince Neil Ink, eating lunch at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill, drinking a yard sized margarita at La Salsa Cantina, etc., etc.

I've only ever seen two different shows while in Vegas. That's right, two! I've seen Peepshow twice and Terry Fator twice. That's what happens when you go with different groups of people and they want to see something you've already seen. I've never even been to a Cirque Du Soleil show!

So, with this trip, I've decided that I want to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and try some new things. I'll still be doing some of my favourite things while I'm there - I can't stray too far from the usual, but do want to try out something new.  Just don't tell Scooby. I promised her the only thing we'd be doing is drinking and shopping and lounging poolside...

If you know of something AWESOME that I should check out on this trip then please let me know!

July 21, 2014

Day In My Life...

Today's prompt for Blog Everyday in July is 'Your Day In GIFS' and I'm pretty sure this is the most amount of time I've ever spent on one post. I'm exhausted just thinking about it...

Alarm clock starts going off at 5 AM
Roll out of bed half an hour a few minutes later, still half asleep
Take Krickit outside to do her business with my raccoon eyes,  hair sticking straight up, and mismatched flip flops. On any given day I may or may not have a bra on
Work on my fitness via Ripped in 30
exercise animated GIF
Yell at Jillian Michaels
Hop in the shower for the world's quickest shower (on a good day)
On the days I'm running late (lets face it -almost everyday) do a quick dry shampoo 
Try on 5 different outfits before going back to the first outfit I tried on. Usually yoga pants and a loose shirt
lizzie mcguire animated GIF
I'm probably running behind as per usual so quickly run my straightener through my hair and throw on some mascara
Check at least three times to make sure I have my phone before hopping in my SUV
Make the 2 minute drive to work in 1 minute (since I'm running late...)
bridesmaids annie car gif
Get to work, unlock the doors, start up my computer, and then make a beeline for the Keurig machine
"I need coffee in an IV!"
Work, drink coffee, check the clock. Work, drink coffee, check the clock.  Work, drink coffee, check the clock
Leslie Knope coffee
12:00 finally rolls around. Hightail it home and eat lunch as quick as possible so I can head downstairs and have more time for a nap
hoppip animated GIF
At 1:00 its back to work. Any motivation I had in the morning is now lost. Stare at computer screen or papers on desk before deciding I need more coffee
Get a caffeine buzz going and gain a little bit of motivation back
Put out small fires (not literally, obviously) for the rest of the afternoon
At 4:00 lose all motivation and stare at clock wistfully
4:30 rolls around - (the time I am supposed to get off work). But because I'm a control freak I don't actually leave work until around 5:00
When I do finally make it out the doors of the Centre, sit in my SUV like this for a minute
Get home and cuddle with Krickit. She usually ditches me to go play with Kirby #rude
cute animated GIF
Spend an hour on my phone catching up on IG, Twitter, FB, Snapchat, etc...
Eat a delicious supper cooked by my Mama (jokes on my parents - I'm never moving out. I'm going to use my down payment savings on wine...)
5. Eating is my favorite part of the day 21 Ways To Tell If You’re A Food Obsessed Traveler
After supper my favourite part of the day happens
While the above happens, I pull out my laptop and start reading blogs and commenting on my favourite (if you ever get a completely rando comment, its probably because of the above...)

Then its time to start working on my post for the next day. Three hours usually go by before I even get one word written down...
Once I've procrastinated enough (going upstairs and getting sucked into a tv show, painting my nails, cleaning my room. etc.) I've finally got a post ready for the morning

Finally its time to put a season of HIMYM in the dvd player and read a book while Krickit snores beside me
11:00 pm rolls around and I decide I should probably go to bed since 5 am comes very early. Try to go to sleep and can't shut brain off. Think all the things

Eventually fall asleep and in the morning do it all over again