July 19, 2014

Bad Puppy Mama...

Today's prompt for Blog Everyday in July is Switch Day. When I first saw the list of prompts the ideas of people I'd like to switch with ran through my head: Beyonce, Jenna Dewan (for Channing, obvi), my sister Toni, Victoria Beckham... and the list went on and on

When I started to write this post though, my mind was somewhere else. I've felt like a really absent puppy mama lately. The last few weekends have been spent away from home and I'm off once again, this time to the Queen City to celebrate a high school friends Stagette

If I could switch places with anybody for the day it would be my baby, Krickit. I only get to see her for so many hours out of the day (silly work getting in the way) so I would like to see how she spends all her time. I hear stories at the end of the day from my Mama and Papa but would like to see it first hand. I haven't been able to spend a full day with her since I first brought her home. How sad is that? I want to see her play with Kirby and Babies and all the other events of the day. If I could switch places with her I'd be able to see the world through her eyes, and hopefully see that she is okay when I'm not there (I know she is - my parents spoil her rotten. It's just the 'mommy' guilt)

I already feel guilty about having to leave her when I go to Vegas next week :(


  1. I think that a good puppy mommy attitude. We all get so sad when we have to leave our pups. She will be there waiting for you when you return!

  2. what a coincidence! My name is also Kirby :D

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

    1. I LOVE the name Kirby! It was on my list of potential baby names (for the further, obvi haha) but obviously got crossed off when my Mama picked Kirby for our yorkie


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