July 23, 2014

Currently (Número Dos)...

Hey y'all! It is day twenty three of Blog Everyday in July and I never imagined I would actually follow through with it! Only 8  days left - we got this! Today's prompt is Currently (reading, writing, listening, thinking, smelling, wishing, hoping, wearing, wanting, loving, needing). I did one of these posts in June (you can find that here) and I think I'm going to try and do one every month from now on to be able to look back and see the differences in what is going on with my life 

At this moment I am CURRENTLY:

Reading See below. Technically I haven't started reading them yet, I'm saving them for beside the pool BECAUSE I FLY TO VEGAS TOMORROW (Insert Salsa Dancing Emoji here)

Writing this blog post and getting three more scheduled for while I'm away (who am I?!)

Listening to 'I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)' by Florida Georgia Line from the Alabama and Friends tribute album. I think I like their version even better than Alabama's which blows my mind because Florida Georgia Line makes me stabby

Thinking of how much I need to get done before I leave for Vegas on Thursday. There just aren't enough hours in the day

Smelling my Scentsy warmer scent that smells like Froot Loops. I don't know the actual name of the scent so I hope I never run out of it!

Wishing time would slow down a little bit. Summer is already almost half over and that makes me the saddest panda in all the land :(

Hoping that I win big on the (penny) slots while in Vegas so I never have to leave

Wearing my cute new Old Navy pajama shorts (similar ones here), a comfy VS Pink sweater (that says 'PINK' across the front but is actually purple, causing lots of confusion from my Papa...) and my moccasin slippers

Wanting Thursday to hurry up and get here! Except for the whole part of it being my birthday and turning TWENTY-SEVEN. Just the flying to Vegas part...

Loving on my baby girl since I'll be leaving her for another 4 days :(

Needing tomorrow (I'm writing this on Tuesday night, fyi) to fly by because I have a million things to do to get ready for Thursday. I  have a bridal shower to attend Wednesday night (tonight) and Scooby gets into town and is spending the night at the house and I should probably clean my bathroom and but some bedding on the spare bed...


  1. So jealous you are going to Vegas! I want to go back (we got married there). Have a blast !!!

    1. If I got married in Vegas I'm pretty sure I'd make my husband take me back EVERY year for our anniversary! ha

  2. Have fun in Vegas!! I am very jealous and you should take a shot of some kind of alcohol for every comment you get on this post. :)

  3. I want to go to Vegas with you! and I am totally jealous of you in pajamas. What I would do to be at home right now all comfy!

  4. Have fun in Vegas, and happy early birthday 27 rocks js ;)

  5. i totally judge books by their covers and both of those books look like i need to add them to my list. i hope you win big, but only if you share it!

  6. Ohhh you'll have to report back on the book by Beth Harbison!! Even though I'm extremely jealous, have fun in Vegas :)

  7. I love Beth Harbison, and now I might go out and grab this book so I have something to read on vacation!

  8. Oh my gosh, enjoy that Vegas trip! I hope you win big too....you can fly me out to visit :)


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