July 15, 2014

Goodbye Twin Cities...

This will be the last post that comes to you from my hotel room in Minneapolis (well, Bloomington if we're going to get technical). The last three days have been fantastic - I'm so glad we decided to do the Colour Run in the Twin Cities last Summer because it's now turned into a tradition that we plan to carry on with for many, many Summers to come!

I spent waay to much money, ate waay to many good foods, and drank waay too many drinks - but it was worth it.  There were some very interesting Snapchats sent from our hotel room, and some great memories made

We're heading to our last free breakfast at the hotel before we start the 9 hour trek back home (with a stop at the outlet mall in Albertville on the way...). I'll be back tomorrow full force and with a picture heavy post (sorrrry)


  1. Glad to hear you had a good time, drive safe!

  2. Sounds like you had a great few days :) Stops at outlet malls are always a must!


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