July 3, 2014

July Goals...

Well, it's that time of the month again. Time to update on my June Goals and create some goals for July (outside of my Summer Bucket List). Before you see my 'progress' on my June goals I have to ask - did anyone else feel like June just flew by? I swear I blinked and it was all of a sudden Canada Day. Which may be the reason that I didn't fully check a single item off my list of June Goals...

1// Recap my amazing #10DaysinTexas vacation (I'm aiming for this Friday!). It's been sitting as a draft - I forgot to hit publish. Who does that?!

2// Order all my photos from Texas via Shutterfly. I've been penny pinching due to my upcoming vacations, so this didn't happen. I may just have to stop being cheap so that two years doesn't go by before I get them printed...

3// Send out two forms of snail mail. Again, does it count if its for work??

4// Complete 2011 and 2012 Project Life Albums. I didn't even so much as glance at my albums

5// De-clutter and sell items on FB Garage Sale Site. In the process. I've gotten rid of a bunch of stuff already, but still have lots to go!

6// Order Papa Bears Father's Day Gift. Effffffff

7// Hold an engagement party (aka BBQ) for Kenton and Kelsey. Definitely didn't happen. But in my defense, we couldn't co-ordinate anything that worked for everyone

8// Drink 2 Nalgene bottles of water per day. I drank 1 everyday at work and then I'd get home and head straight to the fridge for some alcohol...

9// Do 5 projects from my Pinterest boards. I haven't even had enough time to spend time on the Humour section (my favourite) so actually completing projects didn't happen

10// Try 3 new recipes this month. I'm just going to hang my head in shame for the rest of the day for the epic failure that was my June goals

11// START RUNNING (again)! Insert expletives here

Looking back at the first 6 months of 2014, I did absolutely horrible at completing the goals I set for myself each month. There were even a couple of months I didn't set any goals because of how epically I failed in the months prior. BUT, I've decided I'm not going to give up on my goals. I am going to try my absolute hardest to accomplish all of the goals I set out each month for the last half  of 2014. So, onto my July Goals
1// Send out 4 forms of snail mail. Since I didn't send any out in June, other than for work, I'm doubling up from what I had for June

2// Hold an engagement 'party' for Kenton and Kelsey. We weren't able to co-ordinate schedules in June to make it happen but I'm hoping we'll be able to figure out a day in July to hold it. I love planning parties!

3// Order Papa Bears Father's Day gift. Happening today (scouts honour!)

4// Complete 2011 & 2012 Project Life albums

5// Hit publish on my #10DaysinTexas vacation recap

6// Order all of my photos from Texas via Shutterfly

7// Do 10 'projects' from my Pinterest boards. There are a bunch of yummy Summer drinks I want to try so if all I do is try 10 different drink recipes, I'll be okay with that

8// Try 5 new recipes this month. I could eat BBQ and salads all Summer long. If you have a good summer salad recipe send it my way!

9// Blog every day in July. Allie, Faith, & Juliette are making that a lot easier with their prompts (check them out here), and though I may not use one of their prompts on a certain day, I am still going to try my hardest to blog every.single.day. Wish me luck! 

10// Don't bankrupt myself while at the Mall of America or while in Vegas

What are your July goals?


  1. I have a reallllly good summer salad recipe. It's also obnoxiously simple. I'll email it to you so it's not all confusing via comment. I'm trying to blog every day in July with them too! We got this girl!

  2. Good luck meeting your goals! I love the blog every day topics by the way :)


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