July 7, 2014

Oh, You Make Me Smile...

Mother Nature is finally over whatever pissed her off and the weather was GORGEOUS this weekend. Friday we had a fundraising BBQ for work so I got to spend some time in the sun and even managed to burn (which is already a tan). I spent Saturday afternoon watching football and playing beer pong in the sun. It was shaping up to be a perfect weekend. However, my perfect weekend was cut short when Krickit had to be rushed to the vet at 9:00 pm on Saturday night. To make a looong story short, she had been playing with my brother's dog in the early evening and he nipped at her. Afterwards she was totally unresponsive to us - all she did was sleep, she wouldn't open her eyes, eat or drink, and she couldn't stand on all four legs or control her head. My sister best described it as if she was drunk - when she tried walking it was like a newborn deer first learning to walk. However, she didn't have any wounds from the scuffle, so everyone thought she just had heat stroke. After a call to the vet (thanks to my Mama Bear - I couldn't talk I was crying so much) he said it definitely wasn't heat stroke and she should come in to be checked out

After thoroughly checking her over, the vet explained that she had a pinched nerve/possible nerve damage.  Either Dexter had nipped her at that spot in her neck but didn't break the skin, or when she pulled away from him when he nipped she strained her neck. He gave her an anti-inflammatory and pain killer and sent us on our way, with no real prognosis. He had explained that she may never regain motor control, or could require surgery but that he couldn't say anything for sure. When we left his office at 10 pm she was still not opening her eyes or responsive to anything

Around 12:30 I took her downstairs to bed. As I was holding her I walked by my mirror and noticed her eyes were finally open. I made her a nest on my bed so she couldn't roll off and went to grab a bag of chips that was on my nightstand  - in all the craziness I hadn't had a chance to eat supper and was starving. When she heard the sound of the chip bag she stood up on all fours and ran towards me. It felt like a Christmas miracle and put the biggest smile on my face. I snuggled her, let her eat some chips, and went to sleep feeling so relieved

The medication did its job and yesterday she was back to her normal, crazy self. Running everywhere, playing with the other dogs and cats whenever she could, eating like a piglet. I skipped boating with the family just to be with her because I was still so worried that all of a sudden she'd take a turn for the worse. However, I spent most of my day just trying to keep her from being too crazy. I think she thought that a day of sleeping meant she needed to be extra hyper and active!

After all that craziness, today's prompt about things that make me smile was just what the Dr ordered. I was one stressed out puppy mama! 

Elf Quote - Smiling's My Favorite - 8x10 - Gray, White, Yellow, Green, Red
Krickit snuggles
Even more so after our eventful weekend, obviously

Receiving snail mail
I went a little online shopping crazy after my trip to Texas since there wasn't time for shopping (it would have gotten in the way of our drinking...) I keep receiving packages I forgot I ordered...

First cup of coffee in the morning
My smiles a little bigger when its enjoyed on the back deck while the birds chirp

Accomplishing goals and crossing items off my to do list
Remember how I didn't accomplish a single June goal? Well, I've already accomplished two of July's. Boooom

My entire Summer Bucket List
Doing fun things and getting to cross items off a list = Biggest smile EVER

The month of December
All the excitement leading up to Christmas makes my heart happy

Afternoon naps
Doesn't happen near enough but when I do get to enjoy one I never want to get up

Lazy Sundays
Not having any plans and finally getting things accomplished around the house makes going back to work on Monday a little more bearable 

Blog Comments
Y'all make my day with your sweet comments! 

Give me a brunch spot with unlimited mimosas and I will never leave

Mean Girls quotes
If you can't quote Mean Girls then you can't sit with us

Vacation countdowns
Is there anything better than the countdown to a vacation? Ok, yes - the vacation itself. But the excitement leading up to the vacation can't be beat. Oh, and only 4 more days until my first vacation of the Summer!

Snapchat conversations
You know, when you could just be texting your convo and instead you are sending and receiving the most random pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with the conversation you're having

Warm sheets/blankets straight from the dryer
I love snuggling up in my blankets the instant they get out of the dryer. But then I get sad when they finally cool down :(

List making
Having all my thoughts/ideas down on paper makes my anxiety levels go down

Country music
The fact that people don't like country music blows my mind

Every episode, until the Series Finale. We don't talk about that one...

I could spend hours just wandering the aisles of Target. I would live in Target if I could

Humour section of Pinterest
If I'm having a bad day all I gotta do is pull up my Pinterest app and explore the Humour section and whatever has been bothering or worrying me is momentarily forgotten

All things weddings makes me smile. I only had one wedding to attend this year and it was in April -  that makes me sad. BUT wedding planning for Kenton and Kels is in full effect so I at least have something to look forward to

Starbucks stops
It's not a trip to the city without a stop at Starbucks for one of my favourites. After a looong day of shopping its sure to put a smile on my face

Long weekends and EDO's
Three day weekends are the BEST

Committing to something and sticking with it 
Hellooooo Day 7 of Blog Everyday in July

What makes you smile? Link up with Faith, Allie, and Juliette and play along!


  1. Aw so glad your pup is okay! That had to be real scary :( And I love everything about your smile list because it could essentially be my list, too!

  2. Thank God your puppy recovered. Nerve damage is so scary. What a miracle! I am so happy for you both. I also love reciving letters via sanil mail. I want to bring it back! The other day I saw a photo on instagram, it was titled: girls trip to target! I was so jealous! I want a girls trip to Target!!! lol

    1. I'd probably be more excited for a girls trip to Target than a vacation anywhere in the world! LOL

  3. Starbucks, snapchat, country music, list's along with many other things that you have mentioned above; YES. Now I feel weird about the fact that I've never tried a mimosa?!

    Glad your puppers is doing ok!

  4. You didn't like the ending of HIMYM? I thought it ended perfectly.

  5. oh my goodness, your poor puppy! thank goodness everything is ok. and haha to 'if you cant quote mean girls you can't sit with us' lol

  6. I am glad your dog is doing better. That would scare me too. I love Starbucks it always makes me smile. And getting snail mail too.

  7. There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday spent wrapped up in warm sheets and blankets, while drinking Starbucks and watching re-runs of you favorite shows. Yeah, the HIMYM series finale was a bit....

    1. I just made up my own alternate ending in my head and try to forget the real ending. It was garbage!

  8. Poor Krickit! I'm glad she is okay now! Dog's mean more to us than we can ever imagine! Your list...I keep nodding while reading, all of it! Snail mail, coffee, warm sheets, list making, yes yes!


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