July 22, 2014

The Problem With Vegas...

I have a problem. And that problem is that once I do something new and realize how much I love it, I do the same things over and over and over again and don't try new things anymore. Case in point - when I go to Vegas on Thursday it will be my ninth (?) trip to Vegas in the last 8 years. I fell in love on my first trip and now I have to go back every year. But that's not even the worst part of my problem.  That would be the fact that I have been to Vegas eight times now and pretty much do the same things every time I go. I'm a creature of habit and because I only go to Vegas once a year I make sure to do the things I know that I will love and don't try many new things

Some of my go-to favourites while in Vegas are: playing beer pong at Blondie's Sports Bar, having breakfast & mimosas and margaritas & volcano nachos at Margaritaville (at different times, obvi), shopping at Lululemon and Forever 21 at the Fashion Show Mall, staying in the Go Room at the Flamingo and spending a day lounging poolside (the Flamingo's pool is the bombdotcom), shopping at Coach at the Premium Outlets, getting a slice of pizza from New York Pizzeria in NY-NY, getting tattooed at Vince Neil Ink, eating lunch at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill, drinking a yard sized margarita at La Salsa Cantina, etc., etc.

I've only ever seen two different shows while in Vegas. That's right, two! I've seen Peepshow twice and Terry Fator twice. That's what happens when you go with different groups of people and they want to see something you've already seen. I've never even been to a Cirque Du Soleil show!

So, with this trip, I've decided that I want to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and try some new things. I'll still be doing some of my favourite things while I'm there - I can't stray too far from the usual, but do want to try out something new.  Just don't tell Scooby. I promised her the only thing we'd be doing is drinking and shopping and lounging poolside...

If you know of something AWESOME that I should check out on this trip then please let me know!


  1. The bar at the top of the Mandarin has some awesome views and a GREAT (yet expensive) margarita. I went to Vegas 5 times for work and I never gambled, and was glad I never paid money to go. It just wasn't my jam, but there are some cool things to see while you're there! Have fun!

  2. Lord knows I haven't been to Vegas in forever but I lived there once upon a time. The blue man group is amazing even though it sounds totally cliche as well as Lance burton (magician).., can we say chipendales

    1. I'm saving the Chippendales (or Thunder From Down Under) for next Spring when we go for my SIL's bachelorette party. I've heard so many good things about the Blue Man Group but just don't understand what they do at all!?

  3. I love Vegas too! I have only been 3 times though! I have seen one Cirque Du Soleil show because I thought I should, and honestly - eh. Don't shoot me. My husband and I loved, loved LOVED Absinthe and Jersey Boys, they were the best shows we saw. We also saw Penn & Teller, very funny. Absinthe was the clear winner, however, you cannot go if you get offended easily - their humour is ridiculous. They do a lot of the Cirque type moves as well, so its visually amazing as well as hilarious.

  4. I've never been to Vegas. I know I know, I have to go soon. When i do I will be asking you for an itinerary!

  5. I NEED to go to Vegas but probably won't get to until the kids are grown. By that time I'll be too old!
    Hope you have a great trip :)


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