July 17, 2014

Twin Cities Twenty-Fourteen...

I really wanted to link up with Allie, Faith, and Juliette for Blog Everyday in July today, but kind of forgot to actually take any pictures of my town. Also, since I just got back from vacation and am going through withdrawals of things accessible within the city, my post would have went a little like this: O-town is the smallest town on earth, in the middle of nowhere, and there is absolutely nothing here. The end. Maybe one day I'll post about this little corner of SE Saskatchewan when I'm not nostalgic for city life

Since I'm not going to write about O-town, I decided to write about my favourite things about my trip to the Twin Cities. That way I can also sort of recap my trip without actually having to recap it - two birds, one stone kind of deal. And I know everyone hates reading full on vacation recaps so I'll keep it short and sweet (but picture heavy. Sorrrrry)


Onion volcano. Me and the twin (check out my delicious drink. YUMM). Toni and Kim
I first tried Benihana's while in Harrisburg, PA two summers ago. I never would have thought I would like the food (I'm kind of a picky eater) but I actually LOVED it. The Benihana's in the MOA is brand new so this was our first time going in the Twin Cities. I made reservations for us for Saturday night. If you don't have a large enough party they seat you with strangers. We were seated with a family with two adorable little girls, and when we went to leave one of the girls told us she loved us. Too cute! Also, the drink I had was the best drink I think I've ever had (not exaggerating!). It was HUGE but nothing I couldn't handle... 

Colour Run

I mean, duh. It's kind of the reason we started going in the first place. If you've never done a Colour Run then I strongly urge you to sign up for one! They are so much fun - just don't go into thinking you are going to smash any records. You'll be lucky if you even get to run a quarter of it considering you are dodging slow walkers and strollers left, right and centre! The end of the run is when it gets really fun - the color throws in the 'mosh pit' are so much fun and this year there was even slip n sliding and dodgeball. Toni and Kim participated in those - the Twin and I opted out because we didn't feel like getting soaking wet like last year. The colour already sticks to you enough, let alone when it becomes caked onto you from the water!

Blast Blow Dry Bar

Blast opened in the MOA last Summer when we were there for our first Colour Run -  the day we got our blow outs was their opening day and ribbon cutting. When Toni and I took the girls in November we didn't have time for it, but I wasn't leaving the Twin Cities this time without getting another blow out. If I could get my hair blown out and styled every single day I would. If only somewhere around home would open a blow dry bar! We decided to make our appointments on Saturday for Sunday afternoon so that after the Colour Run we would just have to shower and wash the colour off, and wouldn't have to worry about four of us trying to do our hair in one little hotel bathroom before heading back to the mall. I washed my hair TWICE, wrung it out a million times, and there was still colour coming out when the lady at Blast washed it again!

Albertville Premium Outlets

We drive right through Albertville to get back home to Saskatchewan so each time I've went we've just stopped at the outlets on the way home. I didn't go crazy this trip since I'll be in Vegas in exactly 1 week and will have tons of shopping to do there too, but they are definitely worth checking out if you'll be around the Twin Cities

Mall of America

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Did you really think I'd leave that off the list? This trip we didn't venture too far away from the mall (our hotel was literally right across the street) other than to go to the fairgrounds for the Colour Run. Everything you need/want is right in the mall anyways!

$5.00 Mimosas

Let me rephrase. HUGE $5 mimosas


If someone would just open a Chipotle, Starbucks, Target, frozen yogurt shop, and Blow Dry Bar in O-town I may actually want to stay

Frozen Yogurt

Yes I live in the middle of nowhere and only get frozen yogurt about twice a year when I head to the Twin Cities. My life is rough


As if I would get that close to Chipotle and not have it!. My only regret is not eating it for every meal

Dicks Last Resort

That one was a double whammy for me since I WENT TO COMMUNITY COLLEGE 

The last two trips to the Twin Cities we ate at Dicks and it was horrible. I vowed I would NEVER give the MOA location another chance but on Monday night (our last night) we were buzzing after playing drinking games and Heads Up in our hotel room and planned on heading to a restaurant in the mall. One of us (coughKimcough) was a little more than buzzed and was being absolutely hilarious, so once we got to the mall we decided we had to take her to Dicks. Let's just say it was a very good choice and I'm pretty sure my 'abs' still hurt from laughing

Honorable mentions: Toppers pizza, caribou coffee (not pictured - Starbucks is subbing in for it. whoops!), cheap champagne, and the Twin City Grill (salt and vinegar fries - mmmmm)

This was my corner of the hotel room before we checked out on Tuesday morning. And then I added even more to the pile when we stopped at the outlets on the way home. My bank account hates me right now... Also, I spent waaay to much money on Krickit as evidenced by her (adorable!) new Martha Stewart boat bed! I HAD to...

I'm already counting down to next year!


  1. What a fun weekend!!! Your hair looked awesome after the blow dry bar, I really want to do that sometime soon!

  2. Your hair looks AMAZING! I want to go to a blow dry bar so badly!

  3. oh so many fun things, I dont know where to start! your hair looks AMAZING!!! seriously. those drinks?! holy moly they're huge! love it.

  4. I am hitting a blow out bar in Vegas and Chipotle too!

    1. Not gonna lie I'm probably going to eat Chipotle at least 5 times while I'm there!


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