July 26, 2014

Viva Las Vegas...

Oh, hey there blog. Are you feeling a little neglected today? Sorry for that - I've been having waaaay to much fun in Vegas to worry too much about you. I did, however, need to stop in quick since I did commit to blogging every day in July and I am NOT a quitter!

Today's prompt for Blog Everyday in July was Picture An Hour and I'm so bummed I couldn't participate - blogging from an iPhone is not easy! I think I will do another picture an hour post one day soon because I love those kinds of posts

Vegas is  awesome and I'm sooo not prepared to leave on Monday afternoon. I'll probably book my next trip the second I get home. Also, I've been playing the sluts, errrr I mean slots all day long and have been drinking since 10 am. I  can't believe I even made it here to blog. I feel like I deserve 10 points for Gryffindor for that! Tomorrow I'll be posting my interview with Scooby, my travel buddy and friend since grade two - stay tuned! I'm off to make bad decisons - I am in Vegas after all

Happy Saturday!


  1. Have a blast making those bad decisions. Totally can't wait for a Vegas recap :)

  2. hurry up and get back so that we can be jealous over your recap. make an extra bad decision for me :)


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