August 19, 2014

Guilty Pleasures (Round Two)...

When I saw what this month's topic for Total Social was I got super excited - I LOVE reading about everyone else's guilty pleasures since I have so many of my own.  I wrote a post dedicated to some my guilty pleasures back in July so make sure you check it out first, before you move on to round two!

1. Rap music.  I requested Eminem at the wedding I was at on the weekend - Scooby told me Eminem was 'a little inappropriate' for a wedding and the DJ said she couldn't play it until after midnight

tumblr_mb1k6fMk9h1ql9nrn (1)
2. The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I still have it on VHS and still throw it in my VCR every now and again (Yes I STILL have a VCR)

3. Online shopping. I put myself on a budget for the next little while and I'm going through online shopping withdrawals. Send help 

4. Dressing my animals up in costumes

5. Long hot baths. More specifically, three hour long bubble baths where I start and finish a new book and drink an entire bottle of Moscato 

6. Staying in my pajamas all day long on the weekends. No, I don't leave the house in my pajamas. Sometimes I just don't leave the house at all on the weekends #sorryimnotsorry

7. Snapchatting pictures of my dog. If you love puppies you should probably just go ahead and add me -----> chiglechic

8. Criminal Minds marathons. I would cancel any and all plans I may have made if I found a Criminal Minds marathon on TV. If Netflix would just get their shit together then maybe I wouldn't have to resort to that!

9. Napping. I've worked with children for the last 7 years and am envious every day when they get to take naps
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10. Taylor Swift. I love me some T-Swift. I once spent four hours in the 'Gopher Run' at Craven Country Jamboree to get up close for Taylor's performance. It was cold and windy while we waited but totally worth it. Though, I have to say, I definitely prefer curly-haired-country-singing Taylor to the latest version of her. Also, I hate her new song

11. Movie theatre popcorn. Toni and I (and the tiny humans) ran through the MOA, up to the top floor to the movie theatre, just to get some movie theatre popcorn to take back to our hotel room, even though we were in danger of missing our shuttle back to the hotel. I'd do unspeakable things for movie theatre popcorn...

12. Picking out baby names. I have a looong list of potential baby names in a note on my iphone even though I am nowhere near the point in my life of having babies, and also don't know if I ever want to procreate. I just like naming things. Which is why my animals all have a million names...

Helene in Between


  1. I think sometimes we are the same person - samesies on 2 (seriously love it), 3,7, 9, 11 & 12. If only I could have a tub of movie popcorn in my lap and the Lizzie McGuire Movie on right now, with a nap to follow. Now I'm really, really upset I'm at work instead.

  2. LOL on the dog costumes! I wish my dog would let me do that to him!

  3. that shark costume on your puppy! love! I love Halloween and Im super excited to get Hank a costume!
    whoever doesnt love movie theatre popcorn needs their head examined. the workers all look at me like im cray cray when we go bc I always ask for a medium buttered popcorn IN A LARGE TUB. how else am I supposed to evenly distribute all the white cheddar seasoning goodness?!? fools.

  4. I wouldn't call myself an eminem fan, but I am surprised that he was pretty much blacklisted from the wedding you were at. Sure, not all of the songs would be appropriate, but there are plenty that would be ok at a wedding.

    Also, I love me some Swifty too. She's the best. I enjoy her always. This new song isn't the greatest, but I'm pretty sure it will grow on me. She always does.

  5. i am digging me some t-swift lately! and how is eminem inappropriate for a wedding?! sheesh i played lots of bad stuff at mine!!

  6. Seriously!! Netflix get your ish together...we obsessed fans need more Criminal Minds!! I don't know about up there but here every week day is a Criminal Minds marathon!

  7. I love the animal costumes! Last Halloween was my first time dressing up my dog and he was super adorable in his raptor costume. I don't care what anyone else says.

  8. I love animal costumes too. I pretend to hate them, but I kind of love them. A lot.

  9. ohhhh nooo I love T Swift's new song. I didn't grow up with country, though I do like it now, I'm partial to pop. and I really don't like Eminem haha he's so angry all the time. I totally have my baby names picked out, just gotta have babies.

  10. #2- I definitely watch when it comes on fun! I love naps too! I should have included that on my list. I had my baby names picked out long before I was ready for babies.

  11. I also look up baby names all the time and I love it!


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