August 15, 2014

Search Terms...

Every once in awhile, when I'm feeling bored and Netflix is taking forever to load, I'll check out my 'Traffic Sources' to get a good chuckle. Today I've compiled some of my favourites and am responding to the 'searchers'

Pronunciation of Kelly Severride
(I once posted about the game Eff.Marry.Kill and Kelly Severide was one of the choices)

I've seen a few episodes of Chicago Fire so I guess I could probably teach you how to pronounce it. Or you could just watch an episode and figure it out yourself. Also, check out the picture below and tell me whether pronouncing his name properly even matters *drool*

Hot female ass bikini/Very small girls binkins pictures

Sorry bro, nothing to see here. Unless your looking for my Operation Red Bikini results, which I highly doubt. Oh, and instead of searching for that you should probably go back to school and work on your spelling. Binkins?

Coach purse party

Yep, I have a Coach purse and linked up for a 'Purse Party' link up last year to show what was in said Coach purse. However, I don't quite understand what you were looking for... Are there exclusive parties specifically for people with Coach purses? Tell me more!

Tired quotes/I am tired quotes/I am as tired as a quotes

Apparently I talk about being tired a LOT. Sorry the only quote y'all got about being tired was me complaining about being tired. I'm not very quotable. You can quote me on that

Coffee girls quote
Again, sorry that the only quote you got was me saying how much I love coffee. Using gifs like this in numerous posts probably isn't helping with those search terms...

50 items for 50th birthday/Birthday presents for mom for her 50th/50th birthday gifts for mom

Look at you being an awesome daughter (or son) and wanting to get your Mom 50 birthday gifts for her 50th - you certainly came to the right place! I was the best daughter ever and came up with the BEST birthday gift for my Mama for her 50th birthday 

Naked in Vegas

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Yes, Vegas is my happy place. And yes some great times have been had there. But I absolutely have never posted about being NAKED in Vegas! Sorry dude

Jessica Garvin haters

This one completely throws me for a loop because I LOVE Jessica Garvin. Haters get to steppin'!

Barden Bellas scarf

Remember that time I whipped together the best costumes ever for Halloween?! Y'all are welcome

6 months tattoo

Hello fellow tattoo lover. Welcome to Keeping Up With K...! Though I'm not sure what your searching for that involves '6 months', feel free to check out this post about my first 8 tattoos (I should probably update that with the last two...)

Haven't ate or moved off the couch for 4 days
I love Netflix! Member for eight years.
Welll. I'm hoping this led you to this post after I had my tonsillectomy. Otherwise I feel like a sloth. But you should probably feel like one too after entering that one into le Google

In my bag birth control blogspot

Obviously this led you to my 'Whats In My Purse' post from last week. But I'm still a little puzzled as to why you would be googling THAT in the first place??

Happy Friday y'all - have a great weekend! 


  1. Hahaha, they are great! Always good for a few laughs.

  2. Hahah, these are awesome! Also, random FYI for today did you know the actor who plays Kelly Sevveride is dating Lady Gaga (or was last time I read about in on the internet 2 months ago)! Like they were/are in a long-term relationship. My mind was blown!

  3. These are always so funny. Your search terms are great. Naked in there something you're not telling us?!

  4. oh my gosh hilarious! i love Jessica Garvin too, can't believe there are haters! rude.


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