September 16, 2014

10 Things...

I've seen a ton of people posting on IG lately about their '10 Things That Make Me Happy'. When I started thinking about it myself I had a list a mile long; however, I'll spare you that long ass post and keep it to only 10 things. Some of them overlap with some of the items I listed in my 'things that make me smile' post but I love them so must I just had to list them twice!

Krickit snuggles
She may take up more of the bed than any dog that size should, but when she cuddles up to me at night it is the sweetest thing 

I was asked three different times over the weekend where I had my next trip planned for. It made me a super sad panda to have to say that I currently don't have a single trip planned. Stupid budget...

I had the stomach flu over the weekend and the worst part about it was not being able to drink coffee #coffee addict. Give me some french vanilla creamer and some Caribou Blend and I'm happy as a clam. Also, I would literally sell my first born child (not Krickit...) for a Caramel Brulee latte from Starbucks right now . Is it red cup season yet?!

Road trips
Last summer I road tripped with Scooby to Oyen, AB for my college best friends wedding. We sang along to Backstreet Boys, SClub7, the Spice Girls, etc. and it was like we were back in high school again, cruising around all night without a care in the world

My BFF's Moscato & Sweet Red
What would I do without those two? I mean, Moscato is even included in my blog button...

Specifically Halloween/Christmas. Now that summer is (almost) over I am so ready for the holidays! Let the decorating and crafting begin! 

Weekend getaways
I don't have any of these planned either thanks to my budget but I love a nice little weekend getaway to the city to escape small town life for a little bit

Last week it was miserably cold - to the point I was ready to bring out the winter coat and mitts. But this week it has warmed up, the AC and flip flops are back on, and I'm going to soak up the rest of this sunshine and enjoy it before the Winter blues set in

Sending/receiving snail mail
I may be horrible at actually getting the mail into the mail box but I'm working on getting better. If you want to receive some snail mail from me just email me your address - Let's be 'pen pals'!

We may have won the Banjo Bowl but in the process we lost our starting QB for what looks like the rest of the season :( BUT I have faith in the rest of my team that we can make it to playoffs anyways - we got this!

What makes YOU happy?


  1. Mmm..caramel brûlée season! I am doing my best to savour the current salted caramel mocha season but I do admit it'll be a good day when the red cups appear!

  2. I love posts like these- they make you smile! And ditto on the red cups at starbucks, mmm peppermint mocha!

  3. All of the above are pretty much the same for me! Yay for puppy snuggles, sunshine and football!

  4. I am dying for a caramel brulee as well. I hate that I have to wait ALL year for one. Travel is one of my favorite things too. Nothing can give you experience like a good trip can. Lastly, I am taking you up on the pen pal thing, because I adore sending out and receiving handwritten notes as well!

  5. swap dog cuddles for kitty cuddles and im right there with you ;) travelling is definitely the best, so sad when i dont have trips planned, or booked rather because i am always dreaming aka planning a trip lol

  6. Traveling makes me super happy. If my budget allowed, I'd travel the world!

  7. Snail mail is seriously the most fun thing ever to get!! It's so rare these days so it makes for an awesome surprise every once in a great while! :) I have NO TRIPS planned either and I really, reallllly need to get something on the calendar so I have something to look forward to!

  8. Sunshine and football!! Can't get better than that...when you combine the two it's a perfect combination!


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