September 23, 2014

Birthday Girl (Round Two)...

On Sunday September 21st Graycie Bear turned 4 years old. When the reality of her turning 4 sunk in all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry that 'my' baby is growing up on me

I was at the hospital the night Graycie was born. In fact, I drove Toni to the hospital to deliver her. 45 minutes with someone in hardcore labour in your backseat is not fun, trust me! Toni had worked that very day, and later that night I went to her house to drag the bassinet up from the basement for her since she was having some back pain and wanted to be prepared. Thank goodness I went because just a few hours later I was on my way to 'the city' with my Mama and Toni and less than two hours after we arrived at the hospital Graycie made her appearance

Graycie Bear and Grandma just minutes after she was born

I met Graycie when she was only minutes old. I was there when she was weighed and measured, when she had her first bath, and when the nurse put the tiny little dressing gown on her. I played photographer and have over 100 pictures just from the first few hours of her life. I remember all of the events of that night as if it were yesterday and not 4 years ago (like the fact that my Mama almost missed Graycie's birth because we ran out for coffee - never trust a nurse when she says you aren't ready to push!)

It took Toni the two full days she was in the hospital to decide on a name for Graycie, thus the reason she had the nickname McBaby for the longest time. She's known to Graycie or Graycie Bear to most - she usually only hears Kenley-Grayce when she's in trouble

Don't let the curly hair and innocent smile fool you - she is the most spirited child I have ever encountered (and I work in the early childhood profession!), but I wouldn't have it any other way

Happy 4th Birthday Kenley-Grayce Bryn!


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