September 29, 2014

Everybody's Waiting For The Next Surprise...

If you've read my 'About Me' page, then you know that if I were to change careers tomorrow that I would go into event planning. I love everything about party planning - It's fun and stressful all at the same time, and I absolutely love putting all the little details together. Unfortunately the fact that I currently don't have my own home means playing hostess doesn't happen very often (I'll eventually host my own favourite things party, I swear!)

When Toni started talking early in September about the girls upcoming birthdays and their party she mentioned having a Nightmare Before Christmas themed party. I'm a HUGE fan of the movie (its in my top five favourites of all time!) and since Toni usually passes the decorating aspect of the girls parties onto me (or I make her, whatever...), I took the idea and ran with it, pinning tons of ideas and constantly googling for more inspiration. However, the craziness that has been September with both my personal and professional life just meant that it was the night before the party and I had yet to do one of the ideas that I had pinned for the party (yikes...)

Luckily for me it was super easy to pull off this party theme with just a few touches here and there. A permanent marker and my mediocre drawing capabilities were really all that were necessary to pull the party theme off

Jack Skellington cups and Deadly Night Shade punch

I wanted to use white cups but didn't get into 'the city' anytime before the party and Toni forgot her white cups at home the morning of the party.  I quickly slapped on 18 different Jack Skellington faces and voilĂ ! Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Jack Skellington party favours

I used white paper bags and drew Jack's face with a permanent marker. Again, SO easy! Toni had purchased a bunch of treats and some pumpkin bags and into the Jack bags they went 

Jack Skellington balloons

Again, just a white balloon and a permanent marker and the balloon went from drab to fab (sorry for that terrible analogy - I'm running on very little sleep!).  I  originally planned to have the balloons on the table as decoration but it was crazy windy (enough to knock part of our neighbour's fence over!) so they just ended up being played with by the party guests and birthday girls 

Lock, Shock, and Barrel's Dirt N' Worms

When we used to have Halloween parties at school Scooby's mom would always make the whole class Dirt N Worms and I loved that tradition. I couldn't not have them at a Halloween themed party 

Oogie Boogie Guts and Sally's Hair Strings

Just slap a different name on some candy and you've got yourself a themed party food. I made all the food signs in PicMonkey - my favourite editing site

 Zero Kibble 

You've probably noticed my Jack Skellington and Mayor plushies  - I bought them at the Disney Store in Vegas years ago and desperately want to add to my collection (I own so many Halloween decorations its ridiculous). Zero is my favourite but they never have anything of him - if you know of any Zero decorations hook me up!

The original plan had been to put Jack's face on the cupcakes using icing. However, that epically failed so it's a good thing I had a back up plan. I printed off some of characters, cut them out, and Toni taped them to toothpicks, transforming them into cupcake toppers!

Didn't want to post pictures of Graycie' friends without their parents permission  so I had to get a little creative with my editing. I love my Graycie girls face in this one!

So there you have it - an easy, inexpensive, yet awesome way to celebrate someone's birthday with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. Would I have liked to incorporate more elements of the movie? Of course. But I feel pretty happy with myself for being able to pull it off with the little time I had, and the fact that I haven't left O-town in over a month (eeeek). Also - the decorations and party supplies cost $30 MAX. I definitely call that a win!


  1. oh my gosh this is so fabulous! I am having a halloween party and my friends are dressing up as Jack & Sally lol.

  2. You go Glen Co Co!!! I would totally dig this theme for the 24th birthday! lol

  3. I love all the little details. It really pulls everything together!

  4. Look at you go girl! This is fantastic and way better than I could ever do!

  5. You ladies did a great job! Love how you named all the foods:)

  6. Oh my gosh this is AMAZING. I want to watch Nightmare Before Christmas now. I mean, tis the season right? You rocked this party! I got your snail mail this week and it made my day - expect some back soon!

  7. Is it bad that I want to throw a party just so I can decorate it like this? The next holiday is my moms birthday....I wonder how'd she feel about this?? haha! Seriously though, looks great!!! :)

  8. On short notice you pulled this off?!??! Amazing! I couldn't pull that off if I'd spent weeks preparing! Seriously. That is awesome, I bet they loved everything about it and what perfect weather!

  9. What is the punch recipe you used? Thank you!


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