September 5, 2014

Friday Five...

1// I'm missing those views.  Toni, the girls and I headed up to Lake Metigoshe, MB, where my aunt and uncle have a cabin,  to spend the night last Saturday. We pontooned, drank fishbowls, relaxed, and even got to see some fireworks. I love lake life and wish we would have went earlier in the year to visit!

2// My jam packed weekend (plus the 'excitement' from Wednesday - see #5) has completely wiped me out. I'm looking forward to a low key weekend of relaxation before the craziness starts back up with the girls birthdays coming up 

3// Monday was Labour Day so both Toni and I were off work. She still had some (very) last minute school shopping to do so I headed to Minot with her and the girls. We did some shopping then hit up the zoo. I had went early in August on a rainy day so not many animals were out and about. This time there was lots of excitement - one of the lions kept roaring at everyone, the wolves were howling and playing around with each other, and there was even a baby giraffe 

4// This tiny human started Grade THREE on Tuesday. I swear it was just yesterday I got the call from my Dad in the wee hours of the morning to say that she had finally arrived and now she's basically College bound. Slow down time!

5// The decision to get a puppy of my very own was not a spur of the moment decision. I thought about it for a long time, weighed the pros and cons, and then decided that no time was going to be the perfect time, but that I was ready. I picked this little nugget up on the official first day of Summer and it was love at first sight. She was perfect. But then two weeks after picking her up, she got sick and had to be rushed to the vet. She had made a full recovery... so we thought. Then on Wednesday, as I was accomplishing tasks off my to do list on my day off, she got sick again. Very sick. I once again had to rush her to the vet. Three and a half hours at the vets office, blood tests, urine tests, and IV's, and I still have no definitive answers about what is happening to my baby. I left her at 4:30 at the vets office for an overnight stay and went home still wondering what was happening. At 8:00 I got a text from the vet that she was doing much better and I my heart was so happy. Then at almost 10:30 at night my phone rang. It was the vet. My heart instantly started pounding and my stomach was a bundle of nerves. However, the news was good. Krickit was doing so good that she was super hyper and would not settle down for them. I hopped into the truck and drove 20 minutes in the pouring rain to go get my baby. She has been doing great ever since, but goes back to the vet on Monday morning for additional testing. At this point they believe she has Addison's Disease, a manageable disease, but still scary nonetheless. I'm hoping for good news on Monday and this weekend will be spent snuggling and spoiling my baby


  1. Now I'm sitting at work craving a delicious ice cold vodka filled fishbowl. Wishing the best for your baby Krickit!!

  2. You kink up to too many good blogs then finding myself spending hours reading them all!!!

  3. oh my gosh! your poor puppy :( fingers crossed she is ok!

  4. Poor pup! Hope she is doing better and you are able to have that nice relaxed weekend you are after.

  5. Aww that is so sad about your puppy. I am so glad she's doing better. She is super cute!

  6. Poor Kricket! I'm glad to hear she is doing better! I need to find some fishbowls and makes drinks!!


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