September 9, 2014

September Goals...

Well if everyone's IG pictures of pumpkin spice everything, boots and scarves, and warm coffee didn't scream FALL the 2 degree weather that we're currently experiencing definitely does. There may technically be 13 days left of Summer but it sure doesn't seem like it! 

I really slacked at accomplishing my monthly goals this Summer - mostly due to the fact that it was a whirlwind of a Summer and I had an extensive Summer Bucket List to work on. I'm hanging my head in shame over my lack of progress on my August Goals (below)

Original August Goals post here

1. Send out 4 forms of snail mail. I'm giving myself this one even though they are currently sitting in my purse waiting to be taken to the post office. I had the letters written in August, they just didn't make it out in August

2. Hold an engagement party for Kenton and KelsAt this point I'm thinking their actual wedding is going to double as their engagement party...

3. Stick to my new budget. I was doing really good, only making necessary purchases and purging and selling a lot of things around the house. And then Krickit's $550 trip to the vet happened...

4. Complete (at least) 5 more things off of my Summer Bucket List. DONE. Did another 5K, made s'mores on a campfire, saw fireworks, watched a movie at the drive-in, took the girls to the zoo AND took a picture everyday in July and August

5. Focus on my fitness goals and complete the 30 Day Fitness Challenge with Kels & KirstinI think I made it to about Day 13. Whooops

6. Do something spontaneous. Well if I did I certainly don't remember it!

7. Give Eleanor a 'bath'. (Eleanor being my SUV). Nope. Didn't happen. And I think she's mad at me for it

8. Teach Krickit two 'commands'. At this point I'm just focused on her health. Once we get her test results back and see  if it is Addison's Disease and we can get it managed then we will concentrate on commands

9. Do 10 'projects' from my Pinterest boards. I'm laughing at myself for even thinking this was a possibility

10. Hit publish on my #10daysinTexas vacation recap. Coming to a blog near you this Thursday (This blog, obviously)

11. Order all my photos from Texas via Shutterfly. Done. Wasn't exactly in the budget either but needed to be done

12. Try 5 new recipes this month. The most I cooked in August was bagel bites and noodles from a package... Oh, and copious amounts of caesar salad

13. Complete (at least) 2 months in my 2011 & 2012 Project Life albums. I did about two pages in each - but its better than nothing!

Due to the fact that I only completed 3 out of 13 goals for August I am going to limit myself to only 6 goals for September since this month is almost already half over and its one of the busiest months of the year for me. Is it October yet?!

1. Hit publish on my #10daysinTexas vacation recap

2. Complete my Summer Bucket List

3. Do five projects from my Pinterest boards

4. Complete at least 1 month in my 2011 & 2012 Project Life albums

5. Give Eleanor a 'bath'

6. Try four new recipes this month

What are your September goals?


  1. If it rains, does that count as you washing your car?
    I love reading the goals that people post, and I always say I want to make a list myself but I never do! When you do your four new recipes (which you will because I have faith in you) will you blog about it? I'm always eager to read recipes! (Especially easy ones, hint hint hint)

  2. i never wash my car lol. i really need to, especially cleaning it inside, oops.
    i need to start doing monthly goals but i dont think i would ever accomplish them and then i would feel silly lol. good luck on your goals this month, cant wait for the texas recap ;)

  3. I'm right there with those gals ^ ... I seriously never wash my car! The inside could seriously use some attention too, lol! Love reading your goals- even if we only accomplish a few on our list each month, it's still SOMETHING! :)

  4. I'm not sure the last time my car had a "bath".. Poor thing is neglected. And FIVE things on your pinterest boards? Good luck!

  5. Washing my car is still on my list too, haha! Good luck with that and your other goals!


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