October 27, 2014



Feeling nostalgic that my baby girl is going to be 6 months in a little over a week. I swear it was just yesterday that she fit into the palm of my hand and now she's mastered jumping onto the couch (a huge feat in her world)

On the right is the day I brought her home at 6 weeks old, and the left is from Saturday at a little over 5 months old 

Watching Full House on Netflix. It is killing me that there are only 3 of the 8 seasons on there so far. A friend of mine just started watching too and we've been texting back and forth as we watch. Side note: there are so many goofs with the way the house is designed and yet it is still my 2nd 'famous' dream home (next to the Home Alone house of course)

Reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. I read Divergent in just under 2 hours - between Minot to Bismarck - on the way to Texas, but just haven't been able to get into Insurgent. I have to get it done asap though so I can start (and finish!) Allegiant by Friday since its on my October goals

Eating Halloween candy. The sooner I get it out of my house the better! Is it Friday yet?!

Loving the gorgeous weather so far. If the snow could just hold off until after Halloween that would be great. Actually, if you're listening Mother Nature,  it would be great if you could hold off until December 23rd. Thanks so much!

Waiting for Halloween. Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween?! 

Planning some fun activities and treats for our Halloween celebration at work on Friday. Pinterest has been my best friend lately

Celebrating Halloween, duh!

Wishing for a money tree to start growing in my backyard. A girl can dream, right? I'm also wishing that my Mama (Hi Mama!) will just go to Vegas with me already! I've literally been begging her for weeks to go with me in November. If y'all could help convince her I would puffy heart love you forever 

Sending snail mail to my 'pen pals'. I've got four more days to get them in the mail for my October goals (are you noticing a pattern with how long I wait to do my monthly goals?...) 

Wanting November 27th to get here asap. The sooner I get my braces on, the sooner I get them off! 

I haven't done one of these posts in a long time. Okay, who am I kidding - I just haven't posted in a long time. My bad! I've been trying to play catch up in every aspect of my life since the craziness that was the month of September/beginning of October,  and unfortunately this space of mine has suffered. I've got some really awesome (at least I think so!) posts planned for the near future though so don't give up on me yet!


  1. Full House is on Netflix? OMG. I need to take advantage of this. I was always obsessed with that house when I was a kid. I think it was the first house I was ever obsessed with. I used to try to figure out the floor plan and get to annoyed because it didn't make any sense. I wanted to be a set designer so that I could design tv houses that were more realistic.

  2. I remember watching Full House when I was younger and thinking the house was laid out funny. Still I would LOVE to have that house, especially in San Fran! Oh man what a throw back, I will have to find it on Netflix ASAP!

  3. are you liking the book? i tried to read Divergent but i didnt like it. I am also eating halloween cnady and waiting for that day to come!

  4. Excited for your awesome posts!! Also holy moly with the pup! I can't believe how big his is. So adorable!

  5. can you send me the money tree seeds when yours grows?? lol. oh let me know how you like Allegiant ..... :) oh full house, i love it! i bought them all on DVD a few years ago, but they are back at home, boo!

  6. I haven't gotten any Halloween candy yet bc I KNOW i'll eat it all and just have to go buy more, haha!


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