October 21, 2014

Dream Vacation...

As soon as I saw what today's prompt for #Blogtober14 was I knew that I would be participating. My love of traveling + being a total dreamer means I LOVE to daydream about my vacation plans. I have so many places I want to visit/re-visit (I'm still working on my Travel Bucket List post thanks to the inspiration of Helene), but there is one thing that sticks out in my mind as my ultimate dream vacation. No it's not Hawaii, Australia, Venice, or Greece - though they are included on my travel bucket list. Actually, my dream vacation doesn't require that I travel too far from my home here in Saskatchewan. 

My dream vacation is to take a tour of the United States and Canada - Chicago, NYC (of course), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cape May, Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, New Orleans, Charleston, Denver, Austin, Boston, Jackson Hole, Montreal, Toronto, & Vancouver. And I don't mean take one trip to Boston, then a few months later take another trip to New Orleans. I want to see it all in one vacation - something like this Contiki tour. I can do a week long Mexican vacation or a another road trip to Texas anytime, but taking a month or more off of work just to travel and explore would be the BEST. I always hate when a vacation ends and I usually immediately start planning a new one. With my dream vacation I would be hitting up so many different places that I've wanted to see for so long all at once and I think I would be satisfied with no vacation plans for awhile afterwards. 

My sister and I talk all the time about  jumping in the car and heading off on an adventure - stopping along the way when we see something interesting. However, our jobs and her tiny humans don't really allow for too much spontaneity when it comes to traveling. One day maybe we'll get to do that, but until then, my dream vacation awaits me.

What's your dream vacation?

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. I did a small 3 week tour of the US in my first visit, and I loved it. I don't remember much though, because tours like that go by so fast and it's just impossible to remember everything. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. I remember things we did, but I don't remember if it was in Utah or Arizona, and were we in Alabama for 1 day or 2? You know? That being said, it was one of the best times ever. Just a whirlwind.

  2. Jobs always get in the way, don't they? I've been lucky enough in my life that I was able to get in a few good trips like that, just travelling around from place to place for a month or two. Hope you get to do it sooner than later :)

  3. Holy moly I want to do that tour!! $4000 and you get to see so much! I am so down! P.s. you should totally come to Boston!

  4. Oh my gosh can I come?! Two years ago my husband and I went on a 2-week road trip from VA to NH - the main purpose was to see as many baseball games as we could so we stopped in several places: DC, Baltimore, Philly, NYC (twice), Boston (3 times - we kind fell in love with it, oops), NH because our friends were staying there, and CT because there was a random concert we wanted to go to. It was seriously the one of the best trips I've ever been on (including 2 weeks in Europe). You definitely don't have to fly halfway across the world for a great vacation!

  5. I went to Canada for the first time this summer and loved it! Hope you get to go!

  6. This sounds like a great trip!!! There are just so many places I'd love to go - hard to narrow it down!


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