October 15, 2014

Life Lately In Numbers...

Number of hours of overtime I've put in at work since the beginning of September: 48.75 
The reason for my absence around the blog world lately. When I'm working crazy hours I just don't have the time to put in to extracurricular activities like blogging because I'm going home so exhausted after long days or even taking work home with me 

Number of bottles of wine drank since Friday: 3
Days off of work (hallelujah!) and the fact that it was Thanksgiving here in the GWN were the reason for this one. I normally would only drink one bottle a weekend, I swear!

Number of wedding dresses my future SIL tried on in the Queen City on Saturday: 10
The fact that every single dress looked amazing on her makes me want to throat punch her

Number of pictures deleted off my laptop over the long weekend: 1,034
Those were just the ones deleted. I may have a problem...

Number of PLL episodes re-watched since Thursday while working on laptop: 48
If my TV is on chances are I'm either watching HIMYM or PLL. Apparently I like shows where the title is an acronym

Number of pictures ordered on Shutterfly over the long weekend: 678
Shutterfly had free shipping to Canada on orders over $70 so I was all over that. Now maybe I'll finally get myself caught up on Project Life...

Number of points we lost by in Monday's football game: 31
Our starting QB was injured during the Banjo Bowl and our back up QB just doesn't get it done like Durant does

Number of days that I'll be eating leftover turkey after our Thanksgiving supper on Sunday: 7
The turkey my Mama cooked was the hugest turkey I've ever seen. I see turkey fried rice and turkey noodle soup in my future...

Number of birth control packs that have mysteriously disappeared from my home: 1
If you were my birth control where would you be?! 

Number of months its been since my last haircut: 3
My hair is basically one big split end, but I'm still protesting the fact that my hairdresser of 4+ years moved to Alberta :(

Number of dollars it is going to cost me to get a perfect smile: 6,600
This girl is getting braces on November 27th and I'm actually super excited to finally get a new smile. Oh, and that number above doesn't account for the fuel costs to drive to my orthodontist in the Queen City ( 2 1/2 hrs away) every 5 weeks, or the 2 wisdom teeth and three other teeth that need to be extracted. I need a money tree :(

Number of days until Christmas: 70
Sorry y'all, I had to!

Number of characters we currently have picked out for our Mean Girls ensemble Halloween costumes: 4
Karen, Glen Coco, Gretchen, and Regina's Mom have been locked down, now we just need to find a Cady, Regina, Damian, and Janis

Number of times I almost booked a trip to Vegas in the last few days: 3
As a Total Rewards member I received a code for 2 nights free stay at a a few hotels in Vegas, one of them being the Flamingo (my favourite!) and the dates the free nights are for also coincide with very cheap flights from Minot to Vegas. I've filled out all the information for both the free nights stay and for the flights 3 different times and almost hit enter before backing out. I may still hit enter though...

Number of dog accessories bought at Target since Saturday: 11
It's totally normal for one puppy to have 5 different collars, three different leashes, 4 collar accessories, two Halloween costumes, and a million bagillion toys right? (please say yes..)


  1. Giiiiiiiiiirl, I love posts like this! I know this is probably a long time away but a word of advice for when you get your braces off: WEAR YOUR RETAINERS. Seriously, I had braces back in jr. high/high school and didn't properly wear my retainers after the fact and now I need braces again :( Sooo annoying considering how much $$$ went into my teeth already.
    Also, I would give anything to go to Vegas!! It is on my to-do list within the next year or so.

  2. Was it open birth control? I lose those things like it's my job. Hope you treat yourself to something with all that overtime money (assuming you get paid for overtime).


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