October 10, 2014

Long Weekend Ahead...

I haven't done a Friday 5 post in a long time - okay, who am I kidding, I just haven't consistently posted in a long time. But, I'm jumping back into things and figured why not start with one of my favourite link ups 

1// Saturday night was Girls Night Out - something that was very much needed as I hadn't had one in a looong time. These girls are more than friends, they're family (ok, two of them actually are family - one is my sister and one is my cousin). We had supper and drinks at the Olive Branch Bistro in C-duff (sooo delish) and then headed back to O-town for some drinks and Cards Against Humanity at Jayden's. Afterwards we headed back to C-duff to a Ladies Night Out dance. I didn't make it home until after 3 am which is the longest I have been up in way too long. When did I get old?!


2// All weekend long I had a terrible toothache - the first one I've had since I was a kid. It was so bad on Sunday that I had to take some leftover T3's from my surgery last year to numb the pain. The pain in my tooth went away but the T3's killed my stomach. T3's + an empty stomach = no bueno. I called the dentist first thing Monday morning and got an appointment for 1:00 that afternoon. I ended up getting half a root canal, and then being told that a filling I had done when I was 11 was wreaking havoc and I would now require a trip to an Endodontist to finish the root canal - to the tune of $1,100. The dental office also bumped up my wisdom teeth surgery, which will be happening in a few weeks - because they are also wreaking havoc. Add all that to the fact that I go to a consultation with an Orthodontist on Tuesday and I've filled my quota for dentist visits for the next 10 years (kidding. sort of)

3// Yesterday I had the day off work and managed to get a few things knocked off of my to - do list. I had planned on accomplishing more bu the weather was surprisingly gorgeous so Krickit and I spent some quality time outside enjoying the fall weather 

4// Yesterday I posted my Monthly Goals for October. On my monthly goals list for months now has been to give Eleanor, my SUV, a 'bath'. Each month it got carried over until finally yesterday I took it off my monthly goals, even though I hadn't ever gotten around to doing it, because the weather has been so chilly that I figured I wouldn't get around to it until Spring. However, after writing that post in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how nice it was outside. After my Mama cleaned out her Mustang to store it for the Winter, I decided it was time for Eleanor to finally get her 'bath. She is now gleaming on the inside and it feels so good to have that item off my to - do list! Now if only all my car wash loonies hadn't been stolen out of her on Monday night she could also be gleaming on the outside...


5// After running some errands for work yesterday (a day off is never actually a day off in my world...) I came home to find some snail mail just for me. I've made no secret of my love for snail mail, and was super excited to get my sweet friend Amanda's baby announcement for Rhea in the mail, all the way from Nunavut. Amanda and her family moved back home just after Rhea was born and all of Beaver Cove misses them so much

I have one more day of work to get through and then its an extra long weekend for me! This weekend is Thanksgiving around these parts and not only am I super excited for some days off, but I am also excited for turkey and all the fixings. I get to go wedding dress shopping with my (future) SIL on Saturday and then have an extra day off on Tuesday when I head back to the Queen City again for my orthodontist appointment. I've got big plans to get things knocked off my to - do list in my spare time this weekend AND also finally catch up on reading and commenting on blogs! Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canadian friends!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad you had some nice fall weather to play around in on your day off. Have a great long weekend!

  2. Dayyy-um girl look at you in the first picture, I love the curls! This post is almost a reminder that I reallllly need to clean out my car as well. I could probably come up with almost a full cup of coffee if I count all of the coffee stains I have in there :(


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