October 9, 2014

October Goals...

Helllooooo October. As sad as I am that Summer is over, the fact that Autumn is sooo gorgeous definitely helps me get over some of the sadness. Talk to me in a couple of months when  its still technically Fall but the Winter blues have already kicked in and I'll definitely be singing a different tune...

I posted my Fall Bucket List last week, and now its that time again for my Monthly Goals. But first, my September 'progress' (or lack thereof...)
1. Hit publish on my #10daysinTexas vacation recap. Hasn't happened yet - trying to recap that amazing vacation is too hard. It makes me sad whenever I write about it and remember that I'm currently in small town Saskatchewan with no vacations planned :( BUT I will get it all written out eventually

2. Complete my Summer Bucket List.  I'm not crossing this off the list since I didn't complete every single item - those will just have to be crossed over to my Summer 2015 (!) Bucket List 

3. Do five projects from my Pinterest boards.  With the girls Nightmare Before Christmas themed birthday party I managed to knock this off my list

4. Complete at least 1 month in my 2011 & 2012 Project Life albums. No. Just no

5. Give Eleanor a 'bath'. Poor Eleanor hasn't had a 'bath'in over a year, and now with the weather already dipping into the negatives, it's probably not going to happen anytime soon

6. Try four new recipes this month. Negatory. Not even one...

'Chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on' - one of my College friends posted this quote on IG a few months ago and it's stuck with me ever since.  That's what I'm doing with the lack of progress in September. It really was such a clusterfuck of a month (sorry for all the F-bombs, but it perfectly describes the past 4 weeks) but I'm ready for a new month and plan on making good progress on both my Monthly Goals and my Fall Bucket List

1. Send out 4 forms of snail mail

2. Finish reading Insurgent and start and finish Divergent (so I can get them off my nightstand and back to my sister!)

3. Get my hair trimmed

4. Do 5 'projects' from my Pinterest boards

5. Get back into a fitness routine

6. Get started on Christmas shopping (wahoooo!)

7. Get caught up on reading and commenting on some of my favourite blogs - I've missed interacting!

8. Finish de-cluttering and organizing around the house

9. Get my personal email inbox cleaned out and ALL messages replied to

10. Publish at least 10 blog posts this month

What are your October Goals? 

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  1. good job on getting a lot of Pinterest stuff done last month! My goal is just to do ONE of the crafts I've pinned this month, haha! We'll see if it happens ;) I bought a couple Christmas presents this week and I feel like I'm conquered the world.... even though I've got a zillion more to go still!


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