November 26, 2014

Word Vomit...

Hi, my name is Kayla and it's been 8 days since I last published a post. Hi Kayla.  I've spent way to much time in the past apologizing for not posting consistently so I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm going to get straight into this post with a bunch of word vomit, since I feel like I have so much to say due to the lack of posting. Here we go: 

First some super exciting news: one of my best friends got engaged last night! I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when I saw that she was calling my cell and for a split second I thought about letting it go to voicemail and calling her back when I was done but there was this voice in the back of my head telling me to answer immediately. So, with a mouth full of toothpaste, I answered. Her and her now fiance have been together for over 7 years and get razzed all the time about when they are going to finally tie the knot so I'm sure they are glad to finally get everybody off their backs. Now the fun part begins - the planning!

Beaver Cove Cookie Exchange 2013 with my (now) newly engaged bestie!
Blanket scarves were everywhere in Vegas. I found the cutest one in Abercrombie while shopping at the Fashion Show Mall but the $60+ price tag turned me off. I scored two from American Eagle on a buy one get one 50% off sale and they arrived when I got back from Vegas. Thanks so much to Ashten for introducing me to the blanket scarf and for the tutorial. I'm pretty sure I'll wear mine every single day this Winter! The one pictured below is the Holiday Red and to say I'm obsessed would be an understatement

Mama Bear survived her first ever plane ride! More on our Vegas trip tomorrow, including why you shouldn't take advantage of an open bar on the High Roller the night before you have to board a plane for home...

I have to bake tonight for a bakesale for work tomorrow and can't come up with anything original to make. I feel like I always make the same ole' things over and over. If you have a tried and true recipe send it my way! Also, so much baking has already been dropped off and there is so much temptation sitting in my office - I'm lucky I made it home for my lunch break without tearing into it all

Christmas is only 28 days away y'all! I managed to start and finish all of my shopping for my nieces while in Vegas so now I've just got a few more presents to buy. For someone who is as obsessed with Christmas as I am I still don't have any Christmas decorations up - that will change this weekend! Candy Cane, the girls elf, will be making her appearance for this Christmas season. The girls are going to be SO excited!

I was supposed to head to the Queen City tomorrow to get my braces (finally) put on but apparently my appointment was for today (I think they messed up - I SWEAR they told me the 27th!) so now I am heading there on Monday. I get one more braces free weekend to chew all the gum and eat all the popcorn (haha)

Well, that's all the word vomit I can think of for now. Happy Humpday!

November 17, 2014

Vegas Bound...

This weekend was one of the first weekends in awhile that I've done something other than work on things around the house or just lay in bed watching Netflix while recovering from having wisdom teeth surgery. Friday night I went to my brother and sister in laws house and played Cards Against Humanity and had some drinks with them and our sister Toni. My nieces were at their Dad's for the weekend (which very rarely happens) so we  don't get to have a kid free night of hanging out very often. It was much needed and there were many, many laughs. Also, I love that my brother and his fiance are just as into Christmas as I am - they already have their tree up and we listened to the Christmas music tv channel while we played cards - I loved every minute of it. Our older sister just shakes her head at us. I don't know where we went wrong with her...

LOVE it!

I didn't feel well on Saturday - I'm still not quite 100% since my surgery (and no it wasn't from drinking - I only had one drink!). I had big plans of getting most of my Christmas decorations up but unfortunately that is just going to have to wait until we get back from Vegas. I did finally take down the last of my Halloween decorations and hauled them back down to the basement so at least that got knocked off my list. My biggest accomplishment of the day was getting my nails painted - which took over an hour from start to finish due to my indecisiveness and need to paint almost every finger a different colour. I never seem to make things easier for myself...

My nail beds suck (name that movie!)

Sunday was a jam packed day. My sister invited me as her plus one to a work event in a neighbouring town. Her work rented out the movie theatre and we watched 'Fury' and got to eat all the snacks our little hearts desired. I wasn't sure I was going to like the movie, especially since I am NOT a Brad Pitt fan (#teamaniston) but I was completely surprised that I loved the movie. I guess I should start giving more movies a chance

After the movie we headed back to O-town to get ready to watch the Western Semi-Final game. Unfortunately, 'our' playoff dreams are over after 'we' lost the game. Our starting QB still wasn't 100% ready after an injury in August and we just couldn't pull out the win without him.  I think the fact that we are the 2013 Grey Cup champs is the only reason that the loss didn't hit me as hard as it normally would.  Now I have to decide which team I'm going to cheer for in the Grey Cup game. As long as the Stamps don't win I think I'll be okay with any outcome

But enough about all that - lets get on to the exciting part of this post:

Its here, its here, its FINALLY here! You would think that after eight trips to Sin City that the novelty would have worn off by now but that is so not the case with me. I'm just as excited today as I was the first time I went in 2008 because this is my Mama's first trip to Vegas and her first time ever flying - I love that I get to experience this with her!

It's a chilly -18 C here in O-town and with the wind chill it feels like -27. Obviously I'm more than ready for some nicer weather. We fly out at 8:30 tonight and get to Vegas at 9:20. Have I told you how much I love Allegiant airlines and their direct flights?!

I've got my bags mostly packed (as soon as I get this post done I'm finishing, I promise), Amy Poehler's 'Yes, Please' in my purse to read on the plane (I can't wait - I love her!), and I'm just counting down the minutes until we head out. Have I mentioned that I've been up since 3:30 this morning? I'm one of those people who can't sleep the night before exciting events - I'm pretty sure I only get about 2 hours sleep total every Christmas Eve...

The only real concrete plans we have made are to hit up Margaritaville, go shopping at the outlets, and play Grandpa's favourite slots at Circus Circus on his birthday. We just haven't had a chance to all get together to discuss our 'plan of attack' for the next few days yet -  good thing we have a 2 hour drive  to the airport today to get all that out of the way. Mama is the only one that hasn't been to Vegas and I was just there in July and my cousin Jen was just there in October so we shouldn't have too many problems figuring out our plans

Considering I haven't even recapped my July Vegas trip I probably shouldn't make any empty promises but I have full confidence in myself that I will get this trip recapped. Hopefully with a story about how I hit it big on the slots!....

Happy Monday!

November 14, 2014

Five Things on Friday...

Let me start this by saying Happy Friday that feels like Wednesday! Even though this week felt like there were two Mondays (the worst thing ever) it was worth if for a Friday that seemed to come out of nowhere. Unless you didn't have Tuesday off work... sorry bout that...
Anywhoodle, I'm finally coming out of the foggy state I was in from the pain meds I was on from my wisdom teeth surgery and when the urge struck me like a ton of bricks to finally get a blog post up I jumped on it! That urge is very rare these days, unfortunately. I haven't done a Five Things on Friday in a hot minute so now seems like as good a time as any to get back to it. Here we go:


Wisdom teeth surgery is no joke y'all. I had it done last Friday and I thought it would be a piece of cake. I was wrong. SO wrong. One of the teeth was impacted and growing in underneath another tooth - lets just say that one has been no fun at all.  Last night was the first night in a week that I was able to eat a full meal. It was glorious even if I did have to come up with some clever ways of getting it down. The pain from the extraction wasn't the only thing -  the pain medications were also wreaking havoc on my body. I ended up giving up on them on Tuesday and have just been taking regular strength Advil when the pain gets bad enough  - I didn't like how 'foggy' I was feeling with the combination of pain meds. The only plus side to all of this? Weight loss right before another trip to Vegas!


Even with the loss of our starting QB 'we' still managed to make it to the playoffs. Sunday is the Western semi-final and I can't wait to watch my team go all the way to the Grey Cup (again!) with a little stop to win the Western Final first, of course. I have faith we can bring the cup home for the second year in a row

I leave for Vegas on Monday and have a million and twelve things to get done beforehand. Nothing like leaving things until the last minute right? This will be the quickest trip to Vegas I've ever taken but also the cheapest due to my free rooms. Lets hope for some more wins on the slot machines like my July trip so I can get some more free nights banked!
Funny (but not really...) story: My Mama had to come with me to Brandon, MB for my wisdom teeth surgery since I needed a driver. My appointment was for first thing Friday morning so we headed up on Thursday so we could do a little shopping beforehand (and get my first red cup of the season!). When we first checked into the hotel and got to our room my Mama couldn't stand the smell of the room - she said it reminded her too much of the room my Grandpa had been in at the home he was in before he passed. I had to spray some perfume just to get her to be able to stay in the room. Anywhoodle, the point behind this background knowledge: We settle into the room. Turn the tv on, start going through some of our shopping bags. Mama all of sudden decides to start looking through her purse for her passport, to check the expiry date, only to discover it had expired the day before. 10 days before we leave for Vegas and she realizes her passport is expired. TEN DAYS! I quickly started googling how soon she could get one done up. To say I was stressed is an understatement. Mama Bear has determined that Grandpa was in the room with us making Mama take out that passport and check the expiry date. If she hadn't we might not have ended up in Vegas after all! Thankfully she headed to the Queen City on Monday and is heading back Friday morning to pick up her shiny new passport. Moral of the story: Always have your passport current! 
Also to note: Remember how I couldn't convince anyone to go to Vegas with me? Well, after I finally twisted Mama Bear's arm, my aunt (her sister) decided to come along. Then, after realizing that we will be in Vegas on what would have been my Grandpa's 89th birthday, my 'Auntie' Jen decided to come along too. My Grandpa loved spending time at the casino with my mama and aunt so its so fitting that we'll be celebrating his birthday in Vegas this year. He was fortunate to have been able to go to Vegas back in the day and he had a favourite slot at Circus Circus that we are going to go play for him. I'm so excited for this trip y'all!


I've been selling a bunch of my 'things' on a FB buy/swap group and I'm having major separation anxiety over letting go of some of them - purses, clothes, etc. The extra spending money for Vegas is a nice bonus though!
 Something I've realized over the course of de-cluttering? I'm a major brand name snob. A post about this is coming up next week! 


Remembrance Day is over and that means bring on CHRISTMAS! The decorations will be going up this weekend - I would have had them up on Wednesday if I would have had more time! I can't wait to show y'all my Winter Wonderland
I Have OCD (obsessive christmas disorder). This is definitely me.
Three of my IRL friends have sent me this pin. Obviously my love for Christmas is no secret...
Have a great weekend!

November 6, 2014

November Goals...

Happy November (or as I like to call it, pre-December) y'all! October flew by with the blink of an eye and before I knew it it was time to start working on some November goals. But first, a recap of my 'progress' on my October goals
1. Send out 4 forms of snail mail. Done. Snail mail is on its way 'pen pals'!

2. Finish reading Insurgent and start and finish Allegiant Finished Insurgent, haven't gotten around to Allegiant. Maybe I'll take it on the 2 1/2 hour drive to Brandon and get it knocked off my list. Sorry Mama!

3. Get my hair trimmed. My hair and I have been on strike ever since my hairdresser of 4+ years up and moved 8 hours away to a different province. I eventually realized that my hair was a hot mess and made an appointment with my friend Millz, but had to cancel because I couldn't slip away from work that day. I'm hoping to get it rescheduled and over with before my trip to Vegas

4. Do 5 'projects' from my Pinterest boards. No comment

5. Get back into a fitness routine. Oh bother. I could use hurting my back and barely even being able to walk for an entire week as my excuse but that was only one week and there were three other weeks to do it sooo...

6. Get started on Christmas shopping (wahoooo!). I started browsing but didn't make any purchases. I'm hoping I can get all my shopping done while I'm in Vegas

7. Get caught up on reading and commenting on some of my favourite blogs - I've missed interacting! Definitely not as much as I would have liked to - I'm sorry friends!

8. Finish de-cluttering and organizing around the house. Finish? No. But I did get a really, really good start so I am chalking this up as a win!

9. Get my personal email inbox cleaned out and ALL messages replied to. Oh boy. This definitely didn't happen. Like at all

10. Publish at least 10 blog posts this month. SO close but I only managed to sneak in 9 posts last month

1. Start and finish reading Allegiant (so I can finally get it off my nightstand and back to my sister)

2. Send out 5 forms of snail mail

3. Recap my Vegas vacation as soon as I get back from my trip! Still working on my July Vegas recap...

4. Publish at least 15 blog posts this month

5. Work on carving out time each night devoted to blogging

6. Get me personal email inbox cleaned out and ALL messages replied to

7. Get my hair trimmed


9. Do 5 Christmas projects from my Pinterest boards

10. Have a mini freezer meal making day

11. Get started on my Christmas baking

12. Finish my 2011 Project Life album

13. Hit publish on my Ten Days in Texas recap post!!!  I'm so close to finally being happy enough with the post to hit publish - stay tuned!

I've got a lot on my plate with these goals combined with my Fall Bucket List but I am confident I can knock these out! But just in case, wish me luck!! 

What are your November Goals?

November 5, 2014

These Are My Confessions...

These are my confessions (I hope everyone else is now singing along to Usher in their heads)...

After taking a step back from blogging due to a ridiculous work schedule in September/early October I just haven't been able to get my 'groove' back and it's making me a super sad panda. I couldn't even come up with an opening paragraph before getting to my confessions. After staring at my keyboard for 20 minutes I finally gave up

I'm chomping at the bit to start decorating for Christmas, but have too much respect for members of the armed forces to start before Remembrance Day. But you better believe that bright and early on November 12th my first Christmas decoration will be making its appearance

I get my bottom two wisdom teeth pulled on Friday morning and I'm praying that they give me all the good drugs for my recovery. Also, a parent at work told me that when she had her wisdom teeth pulled they hit a nerve and she couldn't feel her bottom lip for 6 months. MONTHS. I'm no longer just slightly freaking out, its on to full blown freak out mode. She drooled randomly for 6 MONTHS y'all!

scared animated GIF
So far I have already watched Love, Actually, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and the 'How Lily Stole Christmas' episode of HIMYM. I own my Crazy Christmas Lady status

Christmas music is also the only music I want to listen to between now and December 31st. Don't hate

I am ridiculously excited to FINALLY be able to enjoy a Caramel Brulee Latte (or five...)again while I'm in the city tomorrow. And thanks to winning Kerri's Starbucks's card giveaway it will be completely free! 

I'm only going to be in Vegas for 3 nights (2 1/2 days) and it just doesn't seem like enough time to do everything I want even though I was just there in July! Oh, and only 12 more sleeps! Also, my Aunt (Mom's sister) is coming and possibly my 'Auntie' Jen too - things may get out of hand if the following picture is any indication:

The left is my mom and aunt at our hotel in Bismarck when we went to see Luke Bryan in concert and the right is my aunt after a few drinks at the hotel the night before the concert. I think I'll start making them some 'If Lost Call Kayla @ XXX-XXXX' shirts asap...

What are your confessions?
Happy Humpday!