November 6, 2014

November Goals...

Happy November (or as I like to call it, pre-December) y'all! October flew by with the blink of an eye and before I knew it it was time to start working on some November goals. But first, a recap of my 'progress' on my October goals
1. Send out 4 forms of snail mail. Done. Snail mail is on its way 'pen pals'!

2. Finish reading Insurgent and start and finish Allegiant Finished Insurgent, haven't gotten around to Allegiant. Maybe I'll take it on the 2 1/2 hour drive to Brandon and get it knocked off my list. Sorry Mama!

3. Get my hair trimmed. My hair and I have been on strike ever since my hairdresser of 4+ years up and moved 8 hours away to a different province. I eventually realized that my hair was a hot mess and made an appointment with my friend Millz, but had to cancel because I couldn't slip away from work that day. I'm hoping to get it rescheduled and over with before my trip to Vegas

4. Do 5 'projects' from my Pinterest boards. No comment

5. Get back into a fitness routine. Oh bother. I could use hurting my back and barely even being able to walk for an entire week as my excuse but that was only one week and there were three other weeks to do it sooo...

6. Get started on Christmas shopping (wahoooo!). I started browsing but didn't make any purchases. I'm hoping I can get all my shopping done while I'm in Vegas

7. Get caught up on reading and commenting on some of my favourite blogs - I've missed interacting! Definitely not as much as I would have liked to - I'm sorry friends!

8. Finish de-cluttering and organizing around the house. Finish? No. But I did get a really, really good start so I am chalking this up as a win!

9. Get my personal email inbox cleaned out and ALL messages replied to. Oh boy. This definitely didn't happen. Like at all

10. Publish at least 10 blog posts this month. SO close but I only managed to sneak in 9 posts last month

1. Start and finish reading Allegiant (so I can finally get it off my nightstand and back to my sister)

2. Send out 5 forms of snail mail

3. Recap my Vegas vacation as soon as I get back from my trip! Still working on my July Vegas recap...

4. Publish at least 15 blog posts this month

5. Work on carving out time each night devoted to blogging

6. Get me personal email inbox cleaned out and ALL messages replied to

7. Get my hair trimmed


9. Do 5 Christmas projects from my Pinterest boards

10. Have a mini freezer meal making day

11. Get started on my Christmas baking

12. Finish my 2011 Project Life album

13. Hit publish on my Ten Days in Texas recap post!!!  I'm so close to finally being happy enough with the post to hit publish - stay tuned!

I've got a lot on my plate with these goals combined with my Fall Bucket List but I am confident I can knock these out! But just in case, wish me luck!! 

What are your November Goals?


  1. Right there with you on the Pinterest/Crafty stuff from last month. I also have no comment :) I like your November goals though- I'm definitely hoping to do another freezer day, reading a few books and lord knows my hair needs trimmed!!

  2. We should plan a rafting night! Need some crafting in my life

  3. Love your goals! I'm excited to read your Texas post. :)


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