December 24, 2014

A Look At December...

Krickit started getting used to the white fluffy stuff - unfortunately it was here to stay come December. We actually barely have any for this time of year (knock on wood) which is very, very odd for this area

My parents company purchased this advent tree at the EFC's annual Twisted Tree Auction. Each day there was a gift inside worth upwards of $20.00. I'm planning a whole post around the advent tree and its contents - if we're friends on FB you would have seen me posting the contents daily - everyone was so interested to see what was inside each one!

Audie-Rae's school Christmas concert was last Thursday night. I swear her class was on for a total of 5 seconds - you blink and you miss it - but she was front and centre on stage and really committed to her role. She did great!

Graycie's Pre-K Christmas 'concert' was the next morning. She wore the adorable dress I convinced my Mama she needed to buy for her. She actually sang a little bit this year (last year she stood on stage with her finger in her mouth, holding onto one of her teachers for dear life) though you couldn't really hear over the sound of the CD that was playing their songs. None of the pictures I took on my phone were clear enough - silly iPhone

The hoar frost has been SO gorgeous lately. This is the trees lining the west side of our yard one morning 

I exchanged Christmas gifts with Mallory and Nikki while in 'the city' on Sunday for the Cookie Swap. I was supposed to get together with them for supper on Friday night but the roads were terrible and there was zero visibility due to the fog. Silly weather getting in the way of my plans! They both know me too well - Nikki gave me a Tim Horton's mug (I collect Starbucks and Tim's mugs) and Mallory gave a bottle of champagne - can't wait to use both of them tomorrow morning! A few of the girls from Beaver Cove gave gifts as well at the Cookie Swap - mugs and chocolate are always a great gift to receive!

I bought this cute card at Typo in the MOA last November and just finally gave it out this year

I made up this cute little gift basket for Mallory's two little girls (and her and her husband too). I had a bunch of leftover gifts and decided to put them all together to make a little 'movie night' basket for their family. I was going to take a picture of all the items laid out but by the time I got everything arranged I didn't want to have to undo all the work. I started out with a microwave popcorn tub, added a cozy Christmas fleece throw, a Christmas children's book (Llama Llama Holiday Drama), two kids colouring packs, a box of holiday M&M's, a bag of licorice, HOME ALONE (my favourite movie of all time), and two packets of instant hot chocolate. I love gift baskets and LOVE gift giving - it makes my heart so happy. I wrapped it all up in clear wrap, threw holiday ribbon around it, stuck a bow on it, and voila it was ready to go!
Two weekends ago I headed up to Saskatoon with my Mama and Toni and stayed at my aunt and uncles for the weekend. My aunt is the Queen of Christmas - she goes all out, starting her decorating on Halloween and I absolutely love every last bit of it. There were 5 Christmas trees on the main floor alone! I was in a winter wonderland and never wanted to leave! I felt like I was at the North Pole all weekend!

My cousins dog stayed at her parents place while we were there since they were having a holiday party on Saturday night. He is such a good dog and if there weren't two little girls who would have missed him terribly I would have smuggled him out in my suitcase!


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