December 5, 2014



Reading: Yes, Please by Amy Poehler. I wanted to read all of it on Sunday but had to make myself put it down so I would have something left to read later on in the week. I put myself on a spending freeze from purchasing books on my Nook because I could easily spend $30 in a week. I LOVE reading

Writing: Well, this post (obvi) but I'm also working on another post - 'My Grown Up Christmas List'. Stay tuned for it

Listening: To 'Girl in a Country Song' by Maddie and Tae and all the Christmas music - I love the XM Christmas stations!

Thinking: That I should probably finish decorating my Christmas tree. The half assed decorating I've done so far is not pretty

Smelling: Peppermint oil from my Young Living diffuser. It smells a-mah-zing

Wishing: For a money tree. And that the Beaver Cove ladies can mutually decide on a day that works for our Cookie Swap. Who knew it would be this hard to get 6 people together over the holidays?!

Wearing: Yoga pants and my favourite PINK oversized hoodie. Funny story: The hoodie says PINK across it - its the PINK brand by Victoria Secret - but the colour is actually purple. My Dad and my friends Dad both asked me why my sweater says Pink when its Purple

Wanting: Time to slow down before Christmas because I still have SO much to do to prepare for it and it's TWENTY days away, but also for Christmas to hurry up and get here because I just love it so much. I need therapy...

Loving: Seeing all the Christmas lights around town. They make my heart so happy

Needing: A second job to pay for all the expenses that come along with Christmas. I get a little overzealous around the holidays... 

Watching: All the Christmas movies. So far I've watched Love, Actually, Christmas with the Kranks, Home Alone and Home Alone 2, and a bunch of Lifetime made for TV Christmas movies. Oh, and I'll defintely be watching the 4 movies listed first at least 5 times each before Christmas day


  1. I am right there with you on the overspending of books. I can easily blow through 5 books a week, because let's face it, I enjoy books more than people. I have so much to do before Christmas too and I feel like it's almost time for it to feel overwhelming, time really needs to slow down.

  2. Girl in a country song is SO cute! I love it :) Do you check out e-books from the library!? I get new ones every month totally free--- I would be broke if I bought all the books I wanted to hehe!

  3. I am SOOOO with you on the calories thing :)


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