January 12, 2015

2014 A Year In Review...

I posted last week about my plans to make 2015 the best year yet, and decided now is as good of a time as any to recap the past year. 2014 was a year with lots of ups and downs, though I'm starting to realize that pretty much ever year is going to have these 'road blocks', I just have to choose whether I let them get me down or whether I power through them. So here we go,  2014 by the month: 


In January I realized that in 7 short months I would be turning 27, freaked the eff out, then created a 30x30 list (which I then proceeded to forget about for the rest of the year. Whoops...). I linked up with some great bloggers for a Photo An Hour post, completed a Spending Freeze, AND my Mama started reading my blog. (Hi Mom!)


In February we celebrated my brother and SIL's 23rd birthdays. My brother's birthday landed on Super Bowl Sunday so we watched the game (though the CFL is where its at...) and had a delicious supper made by my Mama. We celebrated Kels' birthday a few days late with a pajama party at my parents house, complete with waffles and mimosas the next morning. I linked up with Holly for an I'm The Kinda Girl Who... post and had so much fun writing it and reading everyone else's posts. I spent most of my spare time during February watching as much Olympics coverage as possible. Why can't the Olympics be every year?!

In March I posted about my $5 Savings Plan, and also linked up with two of my favourite bloggers - Taylor and Helene, for an I Can't Wait For Summer post. I roadtripped to Bismarck, North Dakota with my Mom, Aunt, SIL, Cousin and Cousin in Law to shake it for Luke Bryan and also saw my FIRST concert in an arena! I also now realize I never posted any pictures from the night of the concert #bloggerfail. That same group of ladies went to Ladies Night Out in Glen Ewen and got a little out of hand celebrating Mama Bears birthday


At the beginning of April my entire family roadtripped to Edmonton, Alberta to watch my gorgeous cousin CC get married on a Wednesday. This was the first time since I was in junior high that the entire family was able to get away together for a 'vacation'. Graycie had her first dance recital, the whole family took a stab at the Whole30, and I went with my Mama as she got her first tattoo!
 I did some fun posts this month: My life in numbers, what makes me happy, I never thought I'd..., and I also took an idea from Kay's 36 of the best blog post ideas and did a last 10 photo dump post. Near the end of the month my brother, SIL, and I decided to road trip to Texas in May after our Vegas plans fell through and at the very end of the month my brother got down on one knee and asked Kels to be his wife (finally!)


The month of May was a whirlwind (I swear I'm still recovering from it). Five days before leaving for Texas Kenton, Kels, and I met up with Scooby in the Queen City to attend Taste of Spring, and Scooby and I booked our July Vegas trip. I wrote one of my favourite posts, Things That Make Me Stabby, and of course, I spent #10daysinTexas (aka drinking my way through Texas) - which I still have yet to recap (January goal y'all!). I put myself out there and stepped completely outside of my comfort zone, creating an online dating profile and over the next few months communicating and going on a few dates with someone I referr to as 'Mike Wazowski'. (long and boring story, I promise).  His plans to go overseas with the US Army derailed any future 'plans' for us but I was super proud of myself for putting myself out there. I realized the online dating thing wasn't for me (at this time anyways) but putting myself out there in that way was so completely out of my comfort zone that it was worth it just for that!


In June I created a Summer Bucket List, crossing items off such as taking the girls to the fair in 'the city', and re-reading the entire Harry Potter series. Thinking about my upcoming birthday inspired me to write a post about 26 things I want to remember about my 26th year. I rode the Big Bike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation for the 2nd year in a row, raising funds for such a great cause, and sadly, our corner of SE Saskatchewan was devastated by flooding 
The highlight of my entire year (not even joking) happened towards the end of  June when I became a puppy Mama, bringing Krickit home on the first day of Summer! 


I  started off the month of July by breaking some Canadian stereotypes in honour of Canada Day, while also completing the first day of Blog Everyday in July (which I ended up failing at...). After only having Krickit for two weeks I thought that may have been all the time we got together after an emergency vet trip.  
 I once again roadtripped to the Twin Cities with Toni and the Twin to do the Colour Run, but this time Kim came along with us. I turned 27 on the 24th and celebrated in VEGAS with one of my best friends from high school, Scooby. While in Vegas Scooby became a blog 'star' when I interviewed her for Blog Everyday in July. 
Some of my favourite Blog Everyday in July posts include: Guilty Pleasures, Never Will I Ever, Things I Do When I'm Alone, Favourite Things About Summer, and Finish the Sentence. I also created a Day In My Life through Gif post - one of the funnest posts I've created, but also the longest I have EVER spent creating a post!

I have a love/hate relationship with the month of August. On one hand, its still Summer, so I love that about it. But on the other hand, every day that goes by in August is one day closer to the end of Summer and the start of another school year. I start wanting to rewind to July around the 10th of August every year. But regardless of the sadness that came along with Summer nearing its end, August was still a good month. I VLOGGED and went completely out of my comfort zone (I HATE my voice on camera!), did another round of What's In My Purse (is anyone else as nosy as I am??), and also posted another round of Guilty Pleasures
I finally got a chance to go out on my parents pontoon boat, and crossed a few more items off my Summer Bucket List, such as mini golfing, going to the Red Barn, and watching a movie at the Drive In. Toni and I attended a high school friends wedding in the Queen City and had a mini reunion with some of the 'gang', TO end off the month, the Twin and I did the Glow Run 5K in Minot in the POURING rain


September is always the busiest month of the year for me with my nieces both having birthdays that month, work starts to get crazy with year end preparation getting underway, and I'm also always strugging to get back into some semblance of a  routine after Summer. 
At the beginning of September, over the long weekend, I visited my Aunt and Uncle's cabin at the lake with Toni and the girls and then spent a day in Minot getting last minute school supplies and visiting the zoo. Krickit and I made another emergency trip to the vet (a very expensive trip!) at the beginning of September, the girls both had their birthdays, and I helped Toni with the decorations for the girls Nightmare Before Christmas themed birthday party. I also turned an IG post that was floating around into a blog post about 10 Things That Make Me Happy


In October I created a Fall Bucket List, had a much needed girls night with some long lost friends, and FINALLY convinced my Mama to take advantage of the free rooms in Vegas offer I had received and we booked a trip to Vegas! I had a consultant with an orthodontist and made the decision to get braces so I can finally be confident with my smile. 
I brought back an old post all about my love for Halloween and some of my favourite October posts included: Life lately in numbers, Things I'm an 'expert' at, and also my 'Dream Vacation'


November was another busy month in 2014. I had surgery at the beginning of November to remove my bottom wisdom teeth and while in our hotel room in Brandon, MB the night before my surgery Mama Bear realized her passport was expired, less than two weeks before our Vegas trip! 
Thankfully Mama was able to get her passport renewed in the nick of time (after two round trips to the Queen City) and we spent three glorious days in Vegas with my aunt and cousin. ( I also still haven't recapped this trip yet - another January goal!). Also, one of my closest friends got engaged near the end of November


I spent a lot of time 'on the road' in December. The beginning of the month started with a trip to the Queen City to have my top braces put on and near the middle I road tripped to Saskatoon with my Mama and Toni and stayed the weekend with my aunt and uncle in a Winter Wonderland. 
I created my Grown Up Christmas List, but also made a list of things I wouldn't mind dear ole' Saint Nick leaving under my tree. Beaver Cove held its second annual Cookie Swap and even though we were missing a few members it was still a great time. Due to my lack of posting in December I also created a Look At December post, and to end out 2014's posts. I posted a recap of my fabulous Christmas with my family
To end off 2014 my friend Nikki asked me to be the MOH in her October 2016 wedding and I didn't even make it until midnight on New Years Eve (whooops!)


  1. what a crazy busy year you had! you accomplished so much and it was so fun seeing you link to the familiar posts :) can't wait to see what 2015 brings you! and stop it, i loved your voice (that sounds creepy but its not) on your vlog!

  2. We are just about the same age! (and we both tried online dating - your more successsful than mine last year, and both decided it wasn't for us - total twins - the single life it is!)
    I love how connected to your family - it makes me wish i lived closer to more of mine!
    I feel like the first two posts of yours i have read (this one adn your goals post) have really just caught me up on your life! I'm excited to see what you get up to this year!
    Kelsey x


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