January 26, 2015

28 Before 28...

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Last year, around this same time, I realized that in just 6 months time I would be turning 27 and I freaked out a little bit. 27 is closer to 30 than it is to 20 and I had a little bit of an 'Oh my god when did I get old?!' moment.  That freak out led me to create and post my 30 Before 30 list, as I had seen many other bloggers do. I made my 30 Before 30 list and then pretty much forgot about it for the rest of the year (whooops). One of my monthly goals for January  is to update my 30x30 list with my progress, and I'm happy to say that I have a few things that can be crossed off or will be crossed off within the next few weeks (stay tuned for an update next week!)

Yesterday, while sending out a Snapchat (and also IG'ing) a picture of my Christmas tree with a countdown to Christmas 2015, I realized that in just 6 short months I will be turning 28 (July 24th for all y'all that want to get shopping for my present early... HA). The fact that I don't feel any different today than I did at 21 has made the thought that I will be turning 28 a lot easier on me than the realization of turning 27 last year

Since quite a few of the items on my 30x30 list are things that are not going to happen within the next 6 months I decided to make myself a 28 Before 28 list of smaller things that I know that I can accomplish before July 24th. Here it is:
  1. Make a t-shirt quilt
  2. Make plans for a weeklong summer getaway (before wedding madness begins)
  3. Grow my blog to 500 readers 
  4. Send out 28 forms of snail mail
  5. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series 
  6. Organize my Pinterest boards
  7. Complete 28 Pinterest projects
  8. Procure 28 items for seasonal capsule wardrobes
  9. Throw an epic Bachelorette/Dirty Thirty party in Vegas
  10. Master 10 yoga poses
  11. Purchase a full length mirror
  12. Purchase and set up a bar cart
  13. Complete 2012, 2013, and 2014 Project Life albums
  14. Rent a dress from Rent Frock Repeat for Vegas
  15. Completely declutter and reorganize my life
  16. Create a media kit for le blog
  17. Try 5 new wines
  18. Have Erin makeover KUWK
  19. Visit my high school BFF
  20. Stay out until the sun comes up
  21. Get another tattoo 
  22. Attend a wine/painting event
  23. Take a spontaneous road trip
  24. Learn 5 phrases in French
  25. Spend an entire paycheque at Target
  26. Read 5 books off the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge
  27. Complete another round of the Whole30
  28. Feel comfortable in a bathing suit
What would you put on your 30x30 list?


  1. I need to make some kind of goal list like this - I don't have a 30x30 even. Good luck with these! 28 Pinterest projects seems like a lot! Reading HP will be a breeze though.

  2. These are so great! I can't wait to hear about them as you check them off. I turn 28 this year (in October, so just a couple months after you) and I don't feel like that's that old for some reason! Although, my husband will turn 29 in October but I keep thinking he's already 29 and that he'll be 30, and for some reason that freaks me out haha!

  3. Make a t-shirt quilt! I have always wanted one of these. They're so fun! What a good thing for your list :) I'm turning 29 this summer so I know the feeling. I'm ollllllld.

  4. i love this list - i turn 28 next month. i made a 30 before 30 and i have been changing it and updating it - i had some things on there that i realised i just didn't want to do, i'm not like cheating or anything haha. obviously i can't use rent frock repeat but I LOVE rent the runway, similar, yeah?


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