January 15, 2015


Listening... to Lorelai and Rory fighting about Jess.  See what I'm currently watching below if those three names don't ring any bells

Eating... nothing :( The list of things I can't eat with my braces is a mile long and its only going to get worse when I go to the dentist tomorrow afternoon (aka today since I'm writing this Wednesday night) to get teeth extracted. I'm going to be SO sick of soup, yogurt, and cheerios by the time the 18 months is up

Drinking... water, water, and more water. I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since New Years Eve. I usually don't drink that much alcohol from January - April because of the 'Winter Blues' that set in. However, once Spring hits then I'm 'back on the bottle' so to speak 

Wearing... my favourite flannel pajama bottoms from Aerie and an oversized VS hoodie. Comfy trumps anything else

Feeling... sleepy. I've been so exhausted lately, wanting to crawl into bed by 7:00 pm. I had a meeting last night that kept me at work until 9:30 so today was a hard one. Coffee is the only thing that got me through the day 

Wanting... all the things. I have a list of things in my phone that I 'NEED' to purchase once my self imposed 'spending freeze' is over. The list gets longer and longer every day...

Needing... a vacation or a long weekend. Is it February yet?!

Watching... aka marathoning Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I'm in the middle of Season Three and don't want it to ever end. But when it does then I can move on to Friends (though I've already seen every episode at least 20 times). I haven't watched a single episode of HIMYM since before Christmas and I'm not even going through withdrawals - go me!

Loving... the 'How's Your Day?' wine glass that I got in the mail yesterday. I haven't taken it out of the box yet so thus,  no pictures. The glass has different marks on it labeled 'Don't Ask', 'Bad Day' and 'Good Day'. Even if I'm having a great day I imagine the wine glass will be full because aint nobody got time to get up every two seconds to refill their glass!

Waiting... for February 14th to hurry up and arrive. And no, not because it's Valentine's Day, but because I will be in Moose Jaw with my Mama, brother, and SIL to watch the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. As huge curling fans its completely shocking that we have never been to an event before, but that is going to change soon!

Planning... a few of the details for Kels bachelorette party/Toni's 'Dirty Thirty' in Vegas. Also trying to iron out some details for a possible Twin Cities trip in April. Have I mentioned how badly I need a vacation?!

Celebrating... not much of anything to celebrate right now. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?! Kenton and Kels' birthdays are less than a month away though so we'll be celebrating those soon enough

Wishing... for some motivation. The 'Winter Blues' have hit me full force, which leaves me drained and lacking any motivation. Only 64 days until Spring!!


  1. I didn't know that eating was that restricted when you wear braces... or do you just have a more intense kind? I swear that my friends with braces ate anything and everything.

    1. I just have regular braces but got a list from the orthodontist of things I can't eat and its sooo long. It includes: tortilla chips, the best kinds of chocolate bars (snickers, eat more, etc. - basically any with nuts), no nuts of any kind, no chewy candy - bye bye sour patch kids :(, no licorice or chewing gum, etc. I think a lot of people still eat the stuff they aren't supposed to but b/c I'm paying for them on my own I'm not chancing breaking them!

  2. I'm so sorry the winter blues are dragging you down! That wine glass is too funny. Mine would definitely be filled up no matter what kind of day I was having too ;)

  3. Ugh to the braces and tooth extraction along with a huge good luck. I wish I was on vacation too. I need to plan a weekend trip because I am going stir crazy without a vacation on the books!

  4. Oh my winter blues are hitting hard in this house for this momma! I can't wait for spring/summer the sun being up at 400. We need to pick a date for wine and crafting! Crafting with an 3 year isn't the best thing in the world!!!!!

  5. I could totally use some motivation too! Here's to hoping for some warm sunshine soon!


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