January 20, 2015

Reverse Bucket List...

I've had a 'Bucket List' Pinterest board for awhile now - some of the items on it are really silly, some are probably just pipe dreams, and some are items that I had already seen/done. I am a BIG dreamer so I have a lot of goals/dreams for myself  (most of which involve travel). 

Yesterday Cassie posted a list of 15 Blogging Prompts for 2015 and one of the prompts was Create a reverse bucket list of the 15 things you have ALREADY accomplished. Her prompt inspired me to go take a look back at my Bucket List board to see the items on it that I have already accomplished, and to also think up some of the others things I have seen/done that haven't made the board yet. And thus, a post was born

I have...

Petted (is that a word?)  a sting ray. April 2011
At the Mandalay Bay aquarium in Las Vegas. The fact that it took a 5 year old 10 minutes of convincing me that it was ok is beside the point...

Taken a gondola ride through the canals in Venice. April 2003
The movies always make gondola rides out to be so romantic - considering I was in the gondola with 4 friends from school it was anything but that

Visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp. April 2003
A very sobering experience, and something that I will never forget

Swam in the Pacific ocean. December 2012
Ixtapa, Mexico. I had never swam in the ocean until the trip to Ixtapa for a friends wedding 

Dug in the sand for sanddollars in the Gulf of Mexico. April 2001
Corpus Christi, Texas. We spent hours combing the sand and in the water searching for sanddollars. I still have a few of them in my jewelry box. I also got second degree burns from the sun that day - cloudy days are the worst days for sunburns people!

Floated down the Guadalupe River in Texas. April 2001/2002 & May 2014
New Braunfels, Texas. My aunt and Uncle own a business on the river that rents out tubes/rafts and we take advantage whenever we visit

Photographed Juliets balcony in Verona, Italy. April 2003
I'd have to do a lot of digging to unearth the picture but I strongly recall how much grafitti there was all over the place, which I found quite odd

Visited the Central Park Zoo. August 2012
I have to admit that as much as I loved NYC I was a little disappointed with the zoo. There weren't very many animals to see and the way everything was set up was pretty confusing. We spent so much time at the zoo that we didn't have a whole lot of time to explore other parts of the park, so next time I go I want to make sure to have lots of time to explore the park (and also go for a run through Central Park  - total bucket list item)

Rode the subway in NYC. August 2012
Almost everyone I told couldn't believe that I actually rode the subway (and survived!). The perception of NYC that most people have ist totally different than what I experienced. I felt safer in NYC than I do in Regina, SK

Been a bridesmaid. August 2012
I was a bridesmaid in my friends/cousins wedding. And I'm totally not bitter that they are now divorced. Yes I am

Gotten a tattoo with my sister. August 2011
Toni and I got sister tattoos (the quote: We do not remember  the days, we remember the moments) at Vince Neil Ink in Vegas 

Traveled by train. August 2012
To NYC from Hershey, PA. Traveling by train is so not the norm around these parts (most of the railway in the GWN is used for transporting goods, not people) so it was an exciting new experience for me. Arriving at busy Penn Station was my first reality check that I wasn't in SK anymore

Held a baby only minutes old. September 2010
I was at the hospital the night my second niece, Graycie, was born. I waited in Toni's room while my Mama and Dustin (the girls Dad) were in the delivery room with her. As soon as Graycie made her appearance I was allowed in the room to take pictures and hold her. I was there as she was weighed and measured and while she got her very first 'bath'. I even got to pick out the colour of toque they put on her teeny, tiny little head 

Ridden a gondola car up Mount Pilatus in Lucerne, Switzerland. April 2003
I am terrified of heights. Standing on a ladder gives me the heebie jebbies and yet I've been up the Swiss alps and ridden the SkyTram in Jasper, AB and seen the Canadian Rockies. Go figure

Seen a Broadway production. August 2012
While in NYC with my friend Scooby we went and saw 'Chicago' and it was every bit as good as we had hoped it would be. I would definitely go back and watch if I went back to NYC with someone who had yet to see it. It was that good

What items would you put on your 'Reverse Bucket List'?


  1. Love, love, love this post idea. Probably going to steal it...

  2. Your European adventures are amazing! I can't imagine what it must have been like to visit Auschwitz but I think it would be an incredible thing to experience. We share that NYC love so all of those things make me so happy! I have no problem riding the subway there - I actually kind of like it since I am a strong believe in mass transit (not something we have around here, which I hate). I saw The Book of Mormon when I was there but would have loved to see Chicago as well! I'm glad we saw The Book of Mormon because we had been wanting to for a long time, and it was great, but I just love Chicago.

  3. So fun! I'm glad I could inspire you to reflect on all the AWESOME things you have done! I love that you visited Auschwitz... I would love to go one day-- I think I will lose it. Being in the Anne Frank home was enough to make me cry.

  4. This is such a great idea! What a fantastic list :)

    Midwest Darling


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