February 27, 2015

Last 5 Things of February...


After a busy day of work and then attending my sewing class right after supper I hadn't been on social media all day yesterday. Imagine my surprise when all of my newsfeeds were blowing up about the colour of a dress. A dress that is clearly Black & Blue! I showed the photo of the dress to my parents and they both said White & Gold and looked at me like I was cray when I said it was black & blue. It's alright though, my girl T.Swift agrees with me and that's all that matters 

I don't understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it's a trick somehow. I'm confused and scared. PS it's OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK


I made myself pajama pants last night y'all!  As in, started with a yard of fabric, cut out a pattern, and sewed them together to make myself pajamas. Albeit they are pajama pants that would fit someone two sizes larger than me because a medium pattern apparently would fit a medium sized male (which I clearly am not) but pajama pants are meant to be big, right? (Just go with it...).I'm so thankful for the weekly sewing classes that Kels and I are going too - its so much easier to learn this way than watching tutorials on YouTube. Now that I've made a pillowcase, pillow, and now pajama pants I feel like I can making anything! Ok, maybe not anything but I am feeling pretty confident in my sewing abilities.  I've already told my SIL and Mom that they will never get another store bought Christmas gift ever again - pajama pants every single year it is!


February has flown by, which is great because it means we're that much closer to Spring, but it also means that tomorrow is the last day of February and I still have almost all of my February goals to complete. Its alright though, I thrive under pressure and do my best work last minute. I'm the ultimate procrastinator and though I have plans to work on that, it just hasn't happened yet....


I've been texting back and forth for days with my friend Scooby about the plans for Toni's Dirty Thirty in Vegas. Scooby and I went to Vegas last July around my birthday so we're both eagerly awaiting another trip back to Sin City and have already lined up a great group of friends to help celebrate Toni's last days of her 20's. Having all these ideas floating around is great but it makes me sad to think that it is still another 4 1/2 months away. Summer get here already!


My hair has been driving me insane lately - this Winter has been brutal on drying out my skin and my hair and it just isn't pretty! My hairdresser of 4+ years moved away in the Summer and my hair has been on strike ever since, but I think its finally time to move on and get over my abandonment issues.  One of my oldest friends is an amazing hairdresser so I'm going to put my hair in her hands (literally) next week and try and get this crazy hair under control. I've been toying with the idea of getting bangs again for awhile now but I'm sooo undecided! I know its just hair and it grows back but my hair is pretty much sacred to me (hence the reason not just anyone can cut it) so I'm having the hardest time trying to decide what to do with it. I toyed with the idea of cutting quite a bit off but with my brother's wedding coming up I decided I should probably wait until after it. I don't know what to do y'all! 

Happy Friday!


  1. The dress thing is ridiculous. I can't log on anywhere without seeing it and I'm over it. Go with the side-swept bang - it's like a bang without the commitment because you can pin them back! At least that's what I roll with :)

  2. i felt so vindicated when taylor agreed with me ;) my husband saw white and gold and i couldn't explain that i saw blue and black and that he was wrong, lol.
    i have been toying with the idea of bangs lately too!! i just want to be able to put my hair in a ponytail and still look semi cute / put together and i feel like bangs will achieve that. plus i can always pin them up when they annoy me. still havent decided yet though.

  3. UGH that dress needs to go away forever because I see white and beige but everyone else seens black and blue and it's driving me NUTS. I totally agree, February freaking FLEW by.

  4. OMG my husband woke me up on Friday talking about that stupid dress (the first time I ever heard about it). I felt like I must have still been sleeping with all the nonsense he was talking about this dress that goes from blue and black to white and gold. Btw it's blue and black for me too.
    So over my hair now too, I was supposed to get it done last weekend but couldn't make it back home, so now it's going to be another 3 weeks. Not a good look. I'm super scared of letting just anyone do my hair too which is why it's been so long!


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