February 3, 2015

Weekend Getaway...

On Friday evening my sister and I headed to Yorkton to visit our  high school friend Scooby. I've known Scooby (also known as Jess - the name Scooby came about during our NYC trip and its just stuck) since she moved to O-town in Grade Two and was 'the new girl'. Toni, Jess, and I all belonged to the same group of friends in High School -  I know a lot of people lose touch with friends from high school but we've tried really hard to make our friendship stand the test of time. Scooby may not be close with some of our other high school friends, and the same for Toni and I, but we always try to make it so we get together at least a couple of times a year. My best friend from Kindergarten until my early twenties still lives in O-town and I probably see her less than I see Scooby (sad, but true). Scooby has owned her condo in Yorkton since November 2013 and I had yet to see it (I hadn't been to Yorkton since I 'kidnapped' Scooby in July 2013 to roadtrip with me to my friends wedding in Alberta) so this weekend trip was a long time coming. The last time I actually got to see Scooby (other than the two seconds she stopped by my work around Christmas to drop off some of her mom's delicious Christmas baking while bringing her Grandma back to town) was July when we went to Vegas together. I was supposed to meet up with her in the Queen City in November for a Rider game but had to cancel those plans when I had wisdom teeth surgery the day before the game. Toni and I had been saying forever that we were going to take a weekend to go see her and finally we just had to pick a weekend or it would keep getting put off.

We got to Yorkton around 8:30 that night and after quickly dropping off our bags, getting a tour of the condo, and freshening up a bit, we headed out to eat. We went to Mr.Mike's, a steakhouse franchise, and had supper and drinks in the lounge and caught up on each other's lives. Fun fact: Scooby is apparently just one of those people that strangers find approachable - no matter where she is someone always strikes up small talk with her. An older man out for drinks with a big group started talking to us and after finding out that Scooby wasn't originally from Yorkton and is a teacher at the middle school, informed us that he is 1/6th of the owner of the local Dairy Queen and if she ever needs anything - mechanic suggestions, etc, just to call Dairy Queen and they'll give her his cell number. I don't know what it is about her but they just seem to find her sooo approachable and she gets stuck having to make small talk with complete strangers - its pretty funny to be a bystander

After supper we went back to Scooby's and caught up some more before calling it a night around midnight (we know we're not in high school anymore when...). In the morning our main priority was getting coffee in our systems. Just the fact that we could leave the house in our pajamas and go to Tim Horton's drive thru to get coffee and a muffin makes me want to move there. Also, the fact that the Mixed Berry Greek Yogurt muffin is so amazing makes me want to move there so I can have one (or five) every day. That good people! We got a late start to our day after that - lazing around on the couch trumped getting ready so we didn't shower and get ready for the day until after 12 - I think it was just before 2:00 before we even left the house. We  joked about how in high school we would literally roll out of bed in the mornings and go - we were lucky if we even brushed our hair. We've come a long way since then considering it now takes around an hour just to get ready for the day (and we're not even that high maintenance!)

Toni is in the planning stages of moving a new modular home onto her lot so the plan was to go look at some of the homes. Unfortunately they didn't have any modular homes, only RTM's, on the lots so that plan was kiboshed. After driving to two different places we gave up and decided it was time for lunch. We went to Joe Beeverz, a Canadian franchise that serves stereotypical Canadian foods. I had never been to one before but had seen it while in Brandon and wanted to see what the fuss was all about. There are SO many different kinds of poutines and caesars and so many other delicious-but-completely-bad-for-you fried foods. But calories don't count on weekend getaways either, right?

After lunch it was time to do some shopping. We went to a few places, though none of us really were in the shopping mood (mostly due to all of us being broke as a joke). We went to a boutique downtown where I did buy myself a scarf (I'm hanging my head in shame right now - my scarf collection is out of control). They had a selection of Hunter boots and it took all of my willpower to remember that I am on a spending freeze and walk away from them. I'm still sad about that

We went to the mall afterwards to find Toni a pair of boots and wandered through a few more stores. We had decided the night before to have a 'girls day' so we went to Shopper's and got mud masks, pore strips, Cosmo magazine, and some nail polish. We also stopped for some wine (le duh), fruit trays, junk food, and even stopped by Scooby's parents (they moved to Yorkton a few years back) to get some Brie to try and pretend we are fancy. We had all the supplies for a great girls night. 

Before heading back to the condo we stopped at Scooby's school so she could drop some volleyball jerseys off and so she could show us her classroom. I had a bit of an 'omg when did we get old?' moment when I realized that she is now a teacher with her own classroom. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were the ones in school and now she's the one doing the teaching!

When we got back to the condo it was time to open the wine and get started on girls night. Scooby made us a delicious spaghetti supper and after filling our bellies it was time to get on with the rest of the girls night activities. First up Toni brought out her pendulum and cleared any negative energy from Scooby's condo and from the three of us. Then she read our cards to us (she's super into all of the energy/healing things so has SO many decks of these cards). After discussing how true to the places we all are in our lives it was time to move on to games. We played many, many rounds of Heads Up and Jenga Sociables. I spilled an entire glass of wine on myself and while cleaning it up Scooby spilled her glass of wine. You basically can't take us anywhere (good thing it was girls night IN!) 


I found a new Moscato at the liquor store in Yorkton and not only is the name of the wine reason enough to buy it, but it is also ah-mazing. I loved it! We pulled out our fruit platter and brie to snack on after playing some games but I never did get up the nerve to try the brie (I'm a picky eater sometimes and 'weird' things scare me...)

After playing some games and doing some Cosmo quizzes we just lazed around on the couch with our drinks (and junk food of course - it wouldn't be girls night without that!) and decided that the next day we would do our mud masks since washing off our makeup and putting on the masks at that time was just too much work (we were a few bottles of wine in at this point...). We played some Trivia Crack and then I quizzed the two of them on how well they know me, with the intent of writing a blog post about it. However, I didn't write down any of the answers at the time and everything was a little fuzzy the next morning (whooops). Next time!

The next morning we started off our day the same as the day before, heading to Tim Horton's in our pajamas for some coffee and breakfast. If I lived in a city its probably not something I would do every day but it's just nice even having the option to do it. After getting back we had our breakfast and then it was time for our mud masks. We put the masks on, put some cucumber slices on our eyes, and then relaxed for 15 minutes. I loved the mask that I used - it was a detoxifying mask and my skin felt SO smooth afterwards. It really made me want a facial though, which doesn't bode well with my spending freeze.

After our masks and a bit of relaxing it was time to get ready again and head out for a little more shopping. I had forgotten to grab fabric the day before so it was off to Wal-Mart (no Target in Yorkton unfortunately) since I'm such an accomplished sewer now that I've made a pillowcase, and then to Sportschek so I could look at running shoes. We had been there the day before and there were some on sale. I hummed and hawwed on Saturday about it, ultimately deciding not to get any, but then changed my mind Sunday morning. I want to go to the Running Room the next time I get a chance and actually get fitted for a proper pair of running shoes but until then just wanted some new runners (the ones I have right now are terrible) and since the ones at Sportschek were on sale for around $70 I could justify getting them for in the meantime. However, they ended up not having my size in any of the ones on sale (typical!) so I didn't have to break my spending freeze

After finishing up our shopping we ordered pizza and headed back to the condo with it to have a late lunch before Toni and I had to head back to O-town. While we ate our lunch it was finally time to play Sequence! Back story: Scooby's parents had a game called Sequence at their house when we were young and we used to play it all.the.time. I had never seen it anywhere else or played it anywhere else, but a couple years back my cousin was having a garage sale and was selling it. I was super excited and nabbed it from her. She didn't think that the pieces were all there so it was more the nostalgia that made me take it - I couldn't even remember how to play. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when a blogger I follow posted on IG of herself and some friends playing the game and it made me nostalgic once again. One of the most important things I wanted to do while in Yorkton was play the game. We had picked it up at Scooby's parents when we had stopped there quick the day before and I had been not so patiently waiting to play it. Toni had never played before but after a couple of rounds she was just as addicted as I am. We actually played longer than we should have and got a later start to our trek back home than we planned, but it was worth it!

As soon as we got back to O-town I found the game with all my other stored household items and brough it upstairs, to discover that the game had never even been played before. I don't know why my cousin thought pieces were missing (she had even given it to me for free), and know I'm sad it took me this long to start playing it again. (We played again last night with my brother and SIL after his birthday supper and they loved the game too so I'm thinking there's a lot more of it in our future)

I had such a great weekend and it was exactly what I needed to recharge and refresh. I didn't think about work once (other than joking about quitting my job to move to Yorkton...) and I was completley stress free - it was glorious! I definitely think there will be more of these weekend getaways in my future. I joked to Scooby that she'll never get rid of me now!


  1. thats Pizza Hut pizza if i ever saw it ;) best pan pizza around

  2. What a packed weekend! Although it's good that you had a lot of fun. It's nice to meet up with a few of your old friends, when life seems to breeze, right? In any case, the mud masks seemed to have help calm things down after that weekend. Hahaha! Thanks for the delightful read, K! Keep them coming! All the best to you! :)

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine Casino & Hotel™


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