March 5, 2015

13 Things On Thursday...

I always get a kick out of looking back at my Google search history - some of the things I search are completely ridiculous. My parents aren't the most tech savvy so they are constantly asking me to Google things for them as well - my Dad was amazed one day that my phone could give me so much information. Old people are funny (sorry Mama...). While trying to get to a bloggers site this morning I clicked on Google and my recent search history came up and it inspired today's post: 13 things I have 'Googled' in the last few days

Apartments for rent in NYC
My wanderlust is at an all time high and after seeing on Twitter that Andi Dorfman packed up her life and moved to NYC I got insanely jealous and started googling apartments. I have issues, I know

Mexico vacation deals
Again, wanderlust. Looking back through photos from my friend Taigan's wedding in Ixtapa didn't help...

Take me back! 
Allegiant airline deals
I check the site almost daily to see if there is a better deal than the day before for the dates we are looking at for Vegas in July. Toni still insists she isn't going to her own Dirty Thirty party but come hell or high water she will be on that plane with us!

Anna Saccone
I was watching Zoella's newest Vlog on YouTube while on the elliptical (it makes the time go by soooo much faster!) and her and Anna were having a shopping day together and I had to know how old Anna is (She's only 26 btw)

Angelina Jolie
First off, please know that I am probably the world's biggest Angelina Jolie hater (#teamaniston). The search came after I got a question on Trivia Crack that asked what Angelina Jolie's last name was. One of the answers was Voight, which I knew was her father's name, so I chose it (which was correct thankyouverymuch) but then I was left wondering where the Jolie came from then. So off to Google I went. I hate that I cared enough to actually check 

The Bachelor Final 2
I don't watch The Bachelor - never have, probably never will - but I do read Possessionista's recaps every week just because she is hilarious and doesn't hold back on what she actually thinks of the train wrecks that go on the show.  I wanted to know what the Final Two girls looked like so I could put faces to the names from Dana's recaps

Dog puking up yellow bile
There are three dogs at my parents house and one of them has been puking up yellow bile, though we've never seen which one. With Krickit's health scares of the past I always get super anxious so off to Google I went to see if she was dying. Dramatic much?...

Etsy The Daily Tay
I couldn't find the link on The Daily Tay site so I was forced to google it. I realllly want one of the 'I just want to hang with my dog' shirts but have to wait until my spending freeze is over :(

How to clean makeup brushes
I know there are tutorials on quite a few blogs but I couldn't remember which ones so Google saved the day

How to freeze cilantro 
During my freezer meal making day on Saturday I had some leftover cilantro. You can't get cilantro in O-town, you have to drive at least 45 minute to get it, so I didn't just want to throw it away. However, after realising how much work goes into freezing cilantro it ended up in the trash. Aint nobody got time for that

Largest parking lot in the world
Another Trivia Crack question that I got wrong (grrrr). The correct answer was West Edmonton Mall (here in CANADA which I've been to sooo many times!) but I couldn't belive that that was actually the right answer so I took to Google hoping to prove Trivia Crack wrong. Which I didn't, btw

funny gif animated GIF
Qdoba Mexican Grill
Since there are no Chipotle locations close by (remind me again why I live in the middle of nowhere...) Qdoba is the next best thing. I was googling to see if there was a Qdoba in the Queen City yet (there isn't... eye roll). It's a good thing I've found a good copycat Chipotle burrito bowl recipe

Target Canada 
Just checking to see what deals are happening with the closing out sales. I NEED to make a trip to the city before my next orthodontist appointment to make sure I don't miss out on all the good deals - I love a good sale!

I can't be the only one with the most random Google search history, right people?! Let me know what the most ridiculous thing you've Googled lately was in the comments.  And make sure to stop back tomorrow for a post all about my freezer meal making day (so you can know how not to do everything...)


  1. The Target deals aren't that great. Especially when they are upping the prices just to discount them. I stocked up on some birthday cards because they were 40% off, but everything else isn't really worth it. The clothes are okay, but nothing that I am in love with.

    1. I found that the prices before the sales were the same as they always were. I just super love Target so I can fill a cart up everytime I go

  2. I have one of those shirts from the Daily Tay! It's too small though (and an XL, fml), thus part of the reason I need to get my butt in gear, because I HAVE to wear that shirt. Also, if you don't have Chipotle, do you have Cafe Rio? Personally I think it's better than both Chipotle and Qdoba. Another thing to google... haha

  3. Googling NYC apartments is one of my favorite're not alone!

  4. OMG!! Stalking you because you are my journal swap partner and I see we are a match made in heaven. I HATE Angelina Jolie and sometimes feel like the only one but now we have each other. And guess what?! I live super close to NYC so I'm there all the time. Next time you visit I could give you a tour.


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