March 31, 2015

#4WeeksFit Results...

Can y'all believe that it has already been 4 weeks since we first linked up our goals for #4weeksfit?! This month just flew by for me and I'm really hoping that April does as well so I can finally enjoy Spring! March was actually a really good month for me - I got lots of things accomplished and I think I did pretty good with my #4WeeksFit goals - but I'll let you guys be the judge of that.

Use my Yoga Studio app 4 mornings/week. 
I didn't do it in the mornings but I used it about 3-4 times a week after an hour of cardio on my elliptical, to stretch out and relax afterwards. I'm still working on being more productive in the mornings (I just work so early y'all) so I'm going to make this one of my April goals for sure! I also bought a new yoga mat while in the Queen City a couple weeks ago and it has made a world of difference. My previous one was so thin that it did nothing for me - thankfully my new one is nice and cushioned and my bad knee is thanking me profusely. I'm mad that I didn't 'discover' yoga a long time ago because I am LOVING it

Work out with one of my million Jillian Michaels DVD's/Elliptical 5 days/week.
I didn't do a single Jillian Michaels DVD BUT my elliptical has become my new best friend.  My SIL is doing Jillian's Killer Buns and Thighs and I'm going to start 6 Week 6 Pack and then we are going to switch. I currently own 5 different Jillian Michael's dvd's (Ripped in 30 is my fav!) so I'm going to do one a month up until the wedding, combined with other workouts. The weather is finally getting nice too so that means I may finally be able to get outside to run (I'm not counting out any more snow at this point though...)

Reach my 10K step goal each day on my Fitbit.
I did about 80% on this. There were a few days where I was over 15K steps, a few where I was thisclose  to being at 10K. The other night I fell into bed exhausted with only about 200 steps left to take (that was a total bummer when I woke up the next morning and realized it). Having a Fitbit really makes me think about how active I am during the day and I LOVE it. Yesterday it buzzed to notify me that I was already at 10K steps just as I was walking through the door of my house at 5:15 after getting off work, and I hadn't even got my workout in yet!

Start tracking what I eat, my activity, and my weight on the Weight Watchers app again.
I didn't start until about midway through March and I haven't been tracking everything but I've been tracking what I can and just getting back into tracking is exactly what I needed. WW was really helpful for me in the past and I'm relying on it to keep me on track through Spring and Summer. Just seeing how much points a fruity cocktail (like a Strawberry Daquiri)  is worth definitely makes me rethink my choices!

Start another round of the Whole30.
Has yet to be done :( Trying to coordinate when to start this with my family has been HARD. We had been hoping to start right after Easter but now its going to have to wait until after my sister and I get back from Minneapolis. It WILL happen though! The reasoning behind not being able to follow through with doing the Whole30 with a 'vacation' (if you call a 3 day getaway that) planned is because we live in the middle of nowhere and never get to enjoy things like Starbucks or ANY kind of chain restaurants so we don't want to limit what we can have when we finally get somewhere with options!

Lose 8 lbs.
I've lost 10 lbs total since Christmas, and 5 of those are since the beginning of March. I had been hoping for 8 lbs this month but I messed up my birth control this month (whooops) and Aunt Flo paid an extended visit which did not help. I have finally said goodbye to that pesky number that kept reappearing though and I am SO close to being in a new set of numbers - I can't wait!  My clothes are also fitting much better - none of my pants fit anymore! I've been Spring cleaning and getting rid of any clothes that are too big - that way I can't go back to my previous weight because I'll literally have nothing to wear. I bought a pair of shorts at Maurices towards the end of last Summer and maybe wore them once and when I tried them on on the weekend they were waaay to big. My wallet isn't going to like when I have to go shopping for a completely new wardrobe!

In my opinion I think I nailed my #4WeeksFit goals (besides starting the Whole30 - but it will happen!). I also completed the #1800minutechallenge, coming in with just over 1800 minutes - phewww! The thing I can't wrap my brain around is why I didn't start getting active again sooner! I just keep thinking if I had started during the winter, or last summer, where I would be now. I'm trying really hard to get past that though and just concentrate on where I am now and where I'd like to be in a few months time. Stick around to see my progress in a few months - I'm so excited to see where I can take this! 

Love, Fun & football


  1. You did great, girl!! Congrats on the weight loss, holla! :) And getting those steps is in SO tough, so I think you rocked it out! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  2. Girl! I think you nailed it! You've lost a lot of weight, came so close to those steps, and 1800 minutes of exercise?!! Go you!!!! Seriously. You should be nothing but proud of yourself.

  3. I know you wish you had started sooner, but at least you started at all! It sounds like you have a lot of momentum going forward and I can't wait to see more of your progress!

  4. DANG GIRL! You did awesome!! I feel like such a blob lately. I told and PROMISED myself that after Easter weekend I'm kicking my ass in gear.

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