March 17, 2015

Life Lately...

Life Lately (as in this past week...)

1. I won my blog friend Laura's Ashley Nevis Print Giveaway last week - whoop whoop! The winner was announced on Friday the 13th - I knew it was my favourite number! I won another blog friend,  Kerri's, Starbucks giveaway last fall too - the only two times I've entered giveaways lately and I won them both. I should probably buy a lottery ticket... The print I chose was this one  and I can't wait for it to arrive so I can frame it on my desk!

2. On Sunday I headed to Brandon, MB to try on bridesmaid dresses for my brother's wedding this August. I'm happy to report that I'm two sizes down from the last time that I was in a bridesmaid dress (whooop!). Our dresses are now ordered and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be down another size (or two!) by the time the dress arrives at the end of May and it will need to be taken in! Having to be in a bridesmaid dress in front of my entire extended family in 5 short months is the best motivation there is! 

3. Speaking of my brother's wedding, as MOH I haven't had a whole lot of jobs yet. I know they're coming the closer we get to the big day, especially with a bridal shower and stagette to plan, but as of right now I feel like I'm not 'pulling my weight'. Which is how I ended up volunteering to hand write the directions to the ceremony on a note card to attach to the invitations. Thank goodness they're handing out invitations grouped by families so I only have to write it out around 75(!) times as compared to 200. Also, it's a good thing I have nice writing and 4 months to get this done...

4. Last night I was already snug in bed when I realized I was only at 9k steps for the day. I got my butt out of bed and walked laps around the kitchen island and living room until I was at my 10k step goal for the day. I had wanted to take Krickit for a walk when I got home from work yesterday before doing my other workouts for the day but she was 'dognapped' by my parents and went on a drive with them to Carlyle (side eye)

5. I keep mentioning how I've been super bummed that I don't have any vacations planned and its been really hard to get through this brutal winter without one to look forward too. I'm tentatively planning a quick weekend trip to Vegas in July for my sister's 'Dirty Thirty' with some of our friends but that was the only vacation on my radar until I got a text from my SIL on Friday night saying her and my brother are going to the Twin Cities at the end of May and do I want to join them. Ummm, YES.  I wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to get to go to the Twin Cities this year. Due to the Vegas plans for the Summer, combined with the wedding in August, I won't be able to swing doing both the Twin Cities for the Colour Run and a Vegas trip in July like I did last year, so this year I won't be doing the Twin Cities Colour Run. It makes me sad since we were making it a tradition to go every year having gone the last two but I'm hoping that missing just one year won't deter us from going in 2016

6. I also had a moment of pure craziness and 'the twin' and I are now planning on heading back to Vegas in November to run the Rock n Roll half marathon (whhaaat?!). Nothing is booked yet since registration doesn't open until April but I'm reallly hoping we get it booked fairly soon so there is no backing out. It is on my 30 Before 30 list after all!

Because a blog post wouldn't be complete without a picture of some sort. And this also accurately represents my thoughts the minute I decided to run a half marathon

Happy St. Patty's Day - Hope everyone has green beers in their after work plans!


  1. that is my favourite gif. wow!! a half marathon!! hopefully your rock n roll is better than ours. ours wasn't bad per say, just rainy and RnR didn't do much in that regard, but whatever. who cares. VEGAS! so fun!!!
    yay for being down 2 sizes! damn girl! i wish i was a bridesmaid, maybe then i would have the motivation hahaha.
    we call it a stag party at home but i have never heard of stagette - love it!

  2. Yay for winning the giveaway! You are lucky if those are the only two you have entered! I have entered a bunch and only one a handful - never the good ones though. Being down 2 sizes in dresses is incredible! You should be so proud! I hope (if I get to try on dresses for the upcoming bride) I have a similar experience. Also, holy cow on the half marathon...I keep saying I'm going to do one but running that far scares the crap out of me!


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