March 24, 2015

Mama Bear's Birthday...

Today is my Mama Bears birthday! Fun fact: she hates that I refer to her as Mama. It reminds her of the dinosour baby from 'Dinosaurs' saying 'Not the Mama, not the Mama'. The fact that she hates it just makes me want to say it more, which is why she is always referred to as Mama (Sorry MOM!)

Last year we celebrated her birthday at Ladies Night Out in Glen Ewen and she was serenaded by all of the waiters and we didn't get home until 4 am. That just proves that age really is just a number

Other evidence:

1// The day before we flew to Vegas there was a do or die football game for the Riders and Mama ended up on the bathroom floor by the time the game was over. I would have had a hangover for days, she was fine first thing in the morning

This isn't from that night - there is no photographic evidence from that night. This is, however, related to football (when the Riders won the Grey Cup!) and one of my favourite pictures of me and my Mama

2// While in Vegas my 50-something Mama and 60-something Aunt outlasted my 20-something self and 30-something cousin every.single.night

3// She still tears up the d-floor at any family wedding we attend (and is usually one of the very last to leave)

4// At my former cousin in laws stagette a couple years ago we had a 'Would you be my friend if I wore this...' theme and my mom, aunt, and cousin wore the most ridiculous costumes and didn't care what anyone thought of them. They wore skirts with silicone butts attached (and because this is somewhat of a family friendly blog I won't tell you what the front looked like...) and tucked the back of their skirts in so their 'butts' were showing all night long

People at the bar we ended the night off at kept coming up to them and saying 'excuse me ma'am but your butt is hanging out' and they would pretend to be embarassed - classic!

Enjoy your day off of work Mama (her boss is a real slave driver)! I'm counting down the hours until its time for cake! Oh, and enjoy this blizzard - it's Mother Natures birthday present to you apparently...



  1. haha my mum would never let me call her mama, she wouldn't answer to it, hated it! oh my gosh, i've seen people wear those butt thingys during races but never on a night out - love it!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your MAMA ;) That butt thing is seriously hilarious- omg!

  3. Happy birthday to your awesome mama!

  4. That sounds interesting! You are lucky that you have such a fun loving mom. Well, I love my mom. She is very decent and lives life simply. For her upcoming birthday I have reserved one of the spacious event rooms for rent. It will be a blasting party this year!


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