April 2, 2015

April Goals...

You know the saying 'April showers bring May flowers'? Well it rained last night in O-town and then this morning I woke up to bitter cold with crazy winds and to top it all off it is snowing. Snowing! If we could just skip over April and go straight to May that would be fine by me. I don't like rain (I hate getting my hair wet...) and I am so over snow. Bring on the sunshine, please!

Side note: I just realized today's date and it's craaazy to think that its already been a year since my entire family roadtripped to Edmonton for my cousin CC's Wednesday Wedding - I swear it was just yesterday! I think I say that about everything though... Anywhoodle, on to my April goals and my disastrous lack of progress on any of my March goals (spoiler alert)

March Goals 

1. Send out 5 forms of snail mail.
Done! And just in the knick of time (as in on Tuesday...)

2. Have a wine/crafting night with Kelsey AND Nikki/Mallory.
1/2 completed this one. Nikki, Mallory and I had our wine/crafting night but Kels and I never did get together for one. Whomp whomp

3. Make plans for a Beaver Cove Town Council meeting.
I talked to the girls about getting together but since the Twin went to Disney World with her old nanny family (and left me behind- rude! ha) and just got back late last week we couldn't make any concrete plans. We're shooting for this month now

4. Purchase the perfect chair to complete my new blogging space.
Ughhh - no! I just haven't found one that I LOVE and since they are around $200 for one chair I don't want to purchase something that I don't absolutely love. The hunt continues...

5. Find a way to make an extra $300/month.
No dice. I have been cleaning out my closets/doing some Spring cleaning that has brought me almost $200 so thats nice but won't happen every single month so back to the drawing board 

6. Do 3 sewing projects aside from my weekly sewing club projects.
Yeah. About that... I actually only even made it to one sewing club class in March. BUT in my defense last weeks was canceled due to our instructor having an emergency she needed to take care of. AND I haven't been anywhere to get any fabric (excuses, excuses. I know)

7. Take a 'staycation'.
Welll fuck. I completely forgot about this! I NEED a staycation so bad - I do have a couple days in April blocked off as 'maybe' days off that may be turning into my staycation now 

8. Get my passport renewed.
YES! I submitted my application when I took Krickit into 'the city' for surgery at the beginning of March and was shocked when it showed up a little over two weeks later. They had estimated that it wouldn't get to me until mid April so it was such a sense of relief for it to arrive early and be safe in my hands. Being passport-less (even if it was only for 2 weeks) was terrible

9. Make better use of my time in the mornings before work .
I like sleep. That is all
10. Spend more time with Krickit.
We went for a few walks but wasn't able to do as much as I would have liked since she had to recover from surgery. Now that she's fully recovered (and the weather will hopefully start getting nicer) we can start going for daily walks!

Well then. If we're going off my goals then March was a completel failure. BUT if I look at the bigger picture it wasn't all that bad. I got my passport renewed (and back in the same month), got Krickit in for surgery (and she recovered amazingly well), got my taxes in to my accountant earlier than I ever have before (and already found out my refund amount - wahoo!), got back into a fitness routine, met up with my friend and finally met her son (something we talked about doing every month since last June), and completed some tasks at work that have been on my to do list for over a year. A year! 

1. Make better use of my time in the mornings
I'm at work every day by 7:15. My first alarm goes off at 5:00 am, yet I usually laze around in bed until 6:15/6:30 (sometimes later - ughhh) and then I'm rushing to get out the door on time. It's terrible! If I'm waking up at 5:00 then why am I not being productive?! It starts now!

2. Start running again!
Registration opened yesterday for the RnR half marathon in Vegas. Last night I met up with friends in 'the city'  for supper to see my friend Laura and her daughter Hayden, who made a quick trip down to SK from Edmonton. While at supper Laura mentioned that she is doing the Vegas RnR and that another friend of ours is thinking of doing it as well - how awesome is that?! I hadn't seen Laura in almost three years and now I might get to see her twice in one year! Now I just need to convince the Twin to register so there is no turning back. Regardless of whether I register right now or not I want to get out running - its calling to me. (I'll probably regret this in a couple of weeks...)

3. Send out 10 forms of snail mail
Keep an eye on your mailboxes snail mail friends. And if you want to be a snail mail friend just send me your address - I love sending snail mail! (krmathison@hotmail.com)

4. 10K steps per day

5. Read two books off the 2015 Reading Challenge
Reading has taken a back burner in my life lately which is craaazy considering how much I love to read. I want to rectify this and what better way than to do it while also crossing things off another list!

6. Do yoga 4 x per week with my Yoga Studio app
I've fallen in love with yoga y'all. I just wish there were an actual yoga studio around this area for me to attend classes!

7. Start another round of the Whole30
After I get back from the Twin Cities (if we actually go - my 4 year old nieces behaviour lately has not been stellar and she is in danger of getting the entire trip cancelled if she continues it!) it is going to happen. It will actually be right around the same time as we did it last year - what a co-inki-dink  (sorry, had to)  

8. Complete 5 things off my Spring Bucket List 
Even though it still feels like Winter. Maybe if I start completing things off the list Spring will actually appear? One can hope...

9. Complete 5 things off my 28 Before 28 List
I only have a little under 4 months to get those 28 things crossed off and if I want to do that then I need to start now (or yesterday...)

10. Get a massage (not counting the one from April 1st)
I went for a massage yesterday afternoon for the first time in FOUR years. I used to go every few months and don't know why I stopped - it was heavenly. My benefits through work cover up to $500 a year for massages so I need to start getting my moneys worth. My job can be very stressful so a massage once a month would help so much. My back hurts today from the pressure but also feels good (if that makes any sense) - I don't feel as stiff as before so that is a definite plus 

What are your April goals?

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  1. yay so glad you're loving yoga! i love that app too, so glad i found it through you! wow you wake up so much earlier than you need to lol, you need to change that! haha.


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